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February 2021

Jewellery designers create pieces of art which are more than objects of adornment that complements one’s look. It is a symbol of rich historical and cultural heritage, a statement of love and its preservation. The significance of jewellery in India has evolved into a complex system with sophisticated religious, social and economic symbolism. Being a jewellery designer in India is therefore not just

Block Printing also known as woodblock printing is a craft that uses hand-carved wooden ‘blocks' to transfer print to fabric, paper or any other medium. It is a labour-intensive craft that relies on the ‘relief’ of its blocks to transfer design which when stamped in ink or dye is pressed along the length of the fabric to create its patterns. In order to

Event management is one of the industries that has been severely affected by the pandemic. The primary challenge the pandemic brought in its wake is the reconsideration of social activities which is the service that event managers provide. With the pandemic establishing its presence in our daily life and uncertainty regarding the future, the challenge that event organisers have to face is to