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November 2022

Visual Merchandising is an integral part of the design industry. It is a way to bring focus to your product by highlighting the key features of it in a lucrative way. The domain understands consumer psychology and uses a range of physical elements to showcase a brand’s image. Moreover, visual merchandising includes various aspects in which window display is a prominent part of it.

Fashion design is an ever-evolving field. It is much more than designing clothes and accessories. With the world changing technologically, fashion is changing too. Metaverse designing has had a big impact on the industry, and designers are now using technology to create amazing designs. If you want to be a successful fashion designer, you need to have the skills and be unique. As a

Sustainability is a popular concept in building and interior design nowadays. This is because more and more people are becoming aware of the need to conserve the environment. Consequently, most homeowners and developers are now incorporating sustainable interior design into their homes and projects. Sustainable design can be defined as an environmentally responsible approach to interior design that involves integrating sustainability into its

Jewellery has always been a source of admiration. Have you ever looked at a piece and wondered about the jewelry designer who created the design? It is an art form that requires creativity, training, and, most importantly, an eye for detail. Jewelry has always held great importance, especially in India, since the beginning of civilization. People have always admired beautiful jewellery, but few know

“As we are in the post-pandemic world with its long-term issues in different walks of life, Design Thinking is crucial not only on a professional level but in the personal sphere with understanding and empathy too. After being introduced through workshops, it is now present in all streams as modules or workshops at JD,” says Prof. Rohini Priyadarshi considered an expert in the

Event Management is a diverse field that tests the creativity of the enthusiasts. It not only requires management skills but also looks forward to aesthetic knowledge. The students pursuing their Diploma in Event Management from JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore, recently put up a display of their knowledge. The Event management enthusiasts took the event of wedding to give their vision a flow.

National Entrepreneurship Day has been designated to honor innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership around the globe. can rely on those who encourage, inspire, and push us to aim for higher levels of creativity and accomplishment.This day is intended to express gratitude and respect to those who have prevailed over all the challenges that have come their way. The 21st of August each year is

Interior styling is the act of making a room more unique for both the designer and their clients. A successful interior stylist understands their client’s tastes and signature styles, so they may choose pieces from each to create a room suitable for them, adding individual style to interior design and making a client happy and the environment unique. Primary categories of interior design include: Furnishings:  Interior