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February 2023

The styles of kitchens in interior design are directly proportional to the trends and classic designs of the interior design world. For decades together, interior designers have introduced newer styles of kitchens in their field. From traditional kitchens to today’s modern kitchens, numerous styles of kitchens are a part of interior design. The functions of every style of kitchen have their own features and

Eyebrows – Styling and shaping them can be a real pain. At times, quite literally. The pain of holding the eyebrows in place to have it threaded as tears run down your face is no mean feat. Why style the eyebrows or shape them at all? Is it really worth all the pain? Well, the answer is not a simple yes. You see,

For the JD Design Awards 2022, designers Anjana R. Nadh, Adwaitha S., and Soorya Sankar M.explored Westernized notions of manufactured beauty and idolizing a condition of perfection that appears unreachable and unnatural. The Wabi-Sabi concept, which has been practiced in Japan for centuries, served as the inspiration for the Blemish collection of women's clothes. Wabi-Sabi is a philosophy that emphasizes appreciating the beauty

Designer Britto Biju Thomas explored a fusion of motorcycle outfits to curate a collection for the JD Design Awards 2022. The collection "Excursion" is inspired by the blue dragon. These creatures freely float in currents of temperate and tropical ocean waters worldwide. It is a collection of denim jackets and trousers inspired by the pride and aggressive nature of Blue dragons. Where denim

For the JD Design Awards 2022, designer Shafeetha P B, Aisha Liya researched a collection that was inspired by women from rural households who balance their daily lives by doing jobs outside their comfort zone while neglecting their own health and keeping their families needs in front of them and earning their daily bread. The collection ‘Lagom’ which means just the right amount, it’s