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April 2023

To become a jewellery designer with CAD skills, you will need to learn how to use CAD software and understand the principles of jewellery design, including using different materials, gemstones, and manufacturing processes. You may take a course or diploma in jewellery design (CAD) focusing on CAD technology. Jewellery Design (CAD) is a specialized field that combines traditional jewellery-making techniques with modern computer-aided design

As the name implies, fashion photography is a specialized genre that focuses on capturing images of clothing, accessories, and other fashion items in a stunning manner. Fashion photography aims to highlight fashion items' beauty, design, and style and make a statement about what they are all about. A Diploma in Fashion Photography is a specialized program designed to train students in capturing and

What are vintage jewellery rings? Vintage jewellery rings are rings made in the past and have been preserved and collected over time. These rings are typically at least 20 years old but can be much older and are often valued for their unique style, craftsmanship, and historical significance. People are often seen collecting vintage jewellery rings. Vintage jewellery rings can be made from various

Fashion is not just associated with clothing. Fashion is everywhere—in the sky, on the street—and it has to do with our thoughts, way of life, and current events. The stereotypes people had about people who worked in fashion styling were broken, which changed the lives of many people who wanted to work in fashion. There are a lot of career opportunities in fashion

Is scrolling through social media and seeing perfectly arranged makeup products giving you organisational envy? Are you struggling to get ready on time because you cannot find that perfect shade of blush that goes with your dress? Well, whatever the case may be, becoming a skilled makeup organizer and learning how to organize makeup is not too difficult with the right guidance and

It is possible to merge the creative and business sides of the fashion industry with a career in fashion design and management. If you are interested in fashion, it is an exciting and busy industry with many job opportunities. A specialised curriculum that blends the artistic and commercial facets of the fashion industry is the Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design and Management,

A PG Diploma in Interior Design is a postgraduate program that gives students more advanced knowledge and skills in interior design. The program usually lasts more than a year and is made for people with a bachelor's degree in a related field. The program is set up to teach many different things about interior design, such as theory, history, and practical skills. Students learn

MSc. in Fashion Design and Management 2022 batch held a semester end display on 31st March 2023 under the guidance of their faculty Ms. Kalpana. The theme for the display was ‘Seasons.’ The students combined the six modules taught in their semester. For the modules on Fashion Illustration, Fashion Thinking and Design Process they displayed their knowledge by showcasing garment renderings and design thinking