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5 Event Industry Trends and How to Leverage Them thumbnail event industry trends - 5 Event Industry Trends and How to Leverage Them thumbnail - 5 Event Industry Trends and How to Leverage Them

The event management industry has seen many shifts and changes, many of which were accelerated due to the coronavirus. According to the event planning market trends observed by Statista, this industry is expected to grow to $2 trillion US Dollars by 2028. During this time, event planning aspirants and seasoned professionals must keep up with the rapidly evolving industry.

By keeping the following event industry trends in mind, many event industry aspirants can figure out what the future holds for them.

Key Trends to Look Out for In the Event Industry

Event planning professionals are known for their expertise in planning large-scale events. But with information constantly changing hands, people have to adapt to the trends in event management industry as fast as they can.

Keeping that in mind, let us look at some current trends in the event industry.

Focus on Utilising Artificial Reality and Virtual Reality

Virtual and augmented reality are becoming increasingly commonplace in the event planning industry trends. More and more planners are finding new ways to engage their audience during an event.

While VR creates an entirely virtual world, AR alters the perception of reality by adding focused sounds, graphics, and videos to the physical, real-world surroundings. Augmented reality can be utilised to create interactive venue maps, encouraging the audience to learn more about the venue beforehand in a fun manner.

Increasing Importance of Conducting Hybrid Events

5 Event Industry Trends and How to Leverage Them (4) event industry trends - 5 Event Industry Trends and How to Leverage Them 4 - 5 Event Industry Trends and How to Leverage Them

Offering a best-of-both-worlds approach, hybrid events let organisations reach audiences virtually while providing an on-site aspect with space for informal networking and intimacy. However, it is essential to realise that there is a major difference between hosting quality hybrid events and simply streaming your event online.

To complement on-site setups, hybrid platforms provide registration and check-in for event attendees, premium high-quality video streaming, live polling options, Q&As, data analytics, and lead tracking options to measure constant event engagement easily.

Maximising the Use of Social Media

5 Event Industry Trends and How to Leverage Them (1) event industry trends - 5 Event Industry Trends and How to Leverage Them 1 - 5 Event Industry Trends and How to Leverage Them

As social media goes on to play a vital role in the lives of consumers, it becomes important for event organisers too. A survey by Eventbrite reflects that 64% of attendees are more likely to decide which events to go to based on what they see online.

Using social media to promote events is one of the trends within the events industry that is crucial for success. Moreover, social media is one of the best methods to measure the success and reciprocation of events. Forming partnerships with potential and popular digital influencers is a benefit all event planners must leverage.

Environmental Consciousness and Sustainability

5 Event Industry Trends and How to Leverage Them (2) event industry trends - 5 Event Industry Trends and How to Leverage Them 2 - 5 Event Industry Trends and How to Leverage Them

Sustainability has not only affected the trends in event industry but also every aspect of our world now. Consequently, event organisers must focus on setting measurable goals, making catering and energy consumption more sustainable.

They can promote sustainable transport among audiences and employ local labour for their events. These measurements, in 2023, will play a huge role in influencing which events people will want to attend.

Event planners can also use sustainability to leverage more attendees by adding social value to their event through donations. They can furthermore designate a sustainability forward team member that encourages and educates the staff on sustainable initiatives.

Strategising the Use of Event Data

Data collection is a tool that can help event planners meet constantly changing customer expectations. In a virtual or online event, tracking click rates, how long an attendee stays in the event, and even who the attendee interacts with can provide planners with valuable insight into who their target audience is and what they want.

Event planners can use this data to send their audience a personalised invite the next time they plan an event. Using event data strategically also helps event planners translate their events into measurable, quantifiable outcomes that they can share with decision-makers and stakeholders.

What do These Trends Mean for Aspiring Event Planners?

Keeping in mind the trends and developments event industry has to reflect, now is the time for aspiring event planners to take action. At this stage, the event planning industry is looking for leaders who can use their innovation and creativity to bring forth more holistic, engaging and creative event ideas and execute them via all the trends and technology available at their disposal.

Read more about the career opportunities event management has to offer here.

The 100 billion Indian rupees industry is likely to see the biggest surge in spending in a post-pandemic world where more and more people are splurging on social and business events.

Wrapping Up

The coming years are set to be promising for social and business events as more and more people are planning grandeur after the pandemic. A strong return of in-person physical events, combined with digitisation, means event planners are in for a competition to deliver engaging events if they focus on the event industry trends.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity and become an event planner, why not enrol in an event management program? JD Institute offers a Diploma in Event Management that you can undertake to become a skilled event planner.

Now is the time to hone your skills and leverage this opportunity!