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Animal Jewellery – Have you heard of it?

Animal Jewellery is chic and unconventional. Far from being tacky or inelegant, animal designs are actually quite distinctive. Finely crafted jewellery with animal motifs lends a mysterious air to the person who wears them. The design patterns are graceful. Animal motifs like dolphins, snakes, swans etc. depict beauty and mysticism, including images of them in jewellery inspires the “look.” Moreover, the carnal appeal of wearing nature-themed jewellery should not be overlooked. Sporting animal jewellery puts the wearer in tune with the “inner animal.”

Animal jewellery is also a great way of encouraging environmental awareness and love of nature. Animals are symbolic of virtues and character. Using them in personalised jewellery draws the inner strength one derives from these inspiring motifs is one of the best things about animal jewellery. Jewellery symbolising animals serve as a reminder for someone who desires to be stronger in one particular aspect. For eg. the dragonfly symbolizes illusion, the deer symbolizes gentleness, the bear means power etc.

 Animal Jewellery – Have you heard of it?

Animal inspired jewellery

The allure of animal jewellery also has top jewellery houses across the world embrace this bestiality. There are brands that have their own signature animal — Cartier’s iconic Panthere, Lion for Chanel or the Serpent of Bulgari. These pieces are often donned by some of the biggest celebrities during red carpet events.

Animal Jewellery – Have you heard of it?

Serpentine necklace by Bulgari

Ideally animal jewellery denotes the philosophies, or simply the feelings of the moment. Animal Jewellery has paved a daring step into the jewellery world with its whimsical animal designs. Jewellery designers really cared to create something surprising. The astounding beauty of the animal world.

Animal Jewellery portrays the capacity of taking an eccentric route of creating this unusual form of jewellery. It is definitely something that is a conversation starter. Learn the art of jewellery design by enrolling for the 3-years BSc. in Jewellery Design from one of the best jewellery design institutes in Cochin.

Animal Jewellery – Have you heard of it?