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Be Nice – Celebration of Freedom in the right way

“I don’t have time”, is a line which we hear on daily basis, we are busy for everyone, but we have enough time to spend with our gadgets. One of the main issues our society is facing today is the lack of patience, we are in so hurry that we don’t follow the rules in the roads or in disposing the garbage or giving time to oneself and family. The problem with us is that we see all the heartwarming videos in social media, but we hardly apply that in our daily life. We are so overwhelmed with the videos we see in social media but little we know that there are small and better ways which we can follow in our daily life which can make us feel better and it’s called Be Nice.

be nice

JD Institute of Fashion Technology not just nurtures the students to be the best in their Design Field but also prepares them to be better citizens through this kind of Initiatives. The yearlong campaign is focused on passing messages on being nice to everyone possible, follow the rules, and make things easy for others. A very strong message to make our space a better place.

The “BE NICE” Campaign is all about raising awareness and spreading across the importance of equality and giving respect to every human being and valuing their time.

be nice

The Be Nice Campaign kick-started during the 72nd Independence Day and the message for Independence Day was with the freedom to work, love, and enjoy life comes the duty to BE NICE. It means don’t exploit your freedom use it in a better way to make things easy for others

We had an array of celebrities who were a part of this wonderful cause from Mr. Krishna Bhat, Principal District and Session Judge, Bengaluru, Gayatri Devi – Deputy Commissioner – Transport, Government of Karnataka, Ira Khan – Film Producer, V k Prakash, – Director, and National Award winner, Vimmy Mariam – Dubbing Artist, Kerala State Award Winner and official voice of Cochin Metro, Parvatii Nair, Indian Film Actress and many others.

be nice

Let’s take a moment here and understand how we can spread this message to everyone when we are nice to all we are nice to ourselves.
BENICE to Cops
BENICE to Garbage Collectors
BENICE to Every Profession
BENICE to Every Religion
BENICE to Each Gender
BENICE to the Unprivileged
BENICE to your Co-Workers
BENICE to Vendors
BENICE to Everyone
BENICE to Animals
Let’s shape up a nicer and better India.

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