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Beauty market trends are essential to staying at the forefront of innovation. Key points in a consumer’s decision to buy products, ideas and global inspirations that can help build new stories around products. From Sustainable ingredients to Digital to Vegan Beauty is what 2022 beauty Industry has in store:

1. Meeting Consumer Needs: 

Meeting the needs of every consumer has become essential to the beauty industry. Keeping ideologies and inspirations unique and creating products that match them is what every makeup brand is going to be focusing on along with using sustainable ingredients.

2. Upcycling

Using waste and by-products from other industries is a strong and sustainable approach that is being taken as an integral part of the beauty industry. This is going to be achieved by ‘upcycling’ solutions with a selection of sustainable ingredients obtained from by-products.

3. Pantone Colour of the year

This year, rules were broken by choosing two colours – Ultimate grey and illuminating – these colours are said to be dominating the upcoming year, to create exciting new cosmetic formulations.BEAUTY MARKET TRENDS 2022

4. At Home Beauty

In context to the worrying and uncertain climate, four different well-being universes are chosen to bring good vibes into homes while taking care of oneself. Creating a happiness therapy of ayurvedic ingredients to bring a relaxing home spa your way through skincare, hand care and aromatherapy massages.

5. Trees and their secrets

Trees known as the ‘Kings’ of the vegetal world convey nature’s messages. Even though their environmental roles are not a secret, they are also now praised for their health virtues. As real sources of inspiration, a selection of vegan ingredients will be made that valorises a part of the tree without having to compromise biodiversity and environment.

6. The Future of Beauty: Tech Glam

The line between the real world and digital world are blurred as tech glam emerges in the form of digitized models and reflective pastel coloured textures. This can help you achieve iridescent and futuristic formulations of an electric glam look and skincare.

7. Trends in Makeup

Stating the will to choose, to be committed  and claim one’s own difference is the current trend. Although the quest for social recognition continues, consumers are expressing their own identity whilst adopting a responsible and sustainable lifestyle. Putting on makeup is a public statement riding on the wind of liberty and blowing through the social network.BEAUTY MARKET TRENDS 2022

8. Clean Beauty

Consciousness along with clean beauty have a heavy impact on the beauty and skincare market. Trends such as vegan beauty, health, well-being, and sustainability are influencing the haircare market as well.

Beauty market trends are changing course in the coming year, as consumers and brands are adopting sustainable lifestyle measures. There are various makeup trends of 2021 that have how we can multipurpose product uses.