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Body Jewellery – A trendy mainstay among the fashionable lot

Body jewellery is a practice that has been followed since the ancient period. The concept of wearing body jewellery has been evident across many cultures as a part of ritual practices. Body jewellery was as essential as clothing and dressing is vital to people. It was also a distinguishing aspect to differentiate between varied classes that prevailed in the society. Whereas in today’s times, body jewellery has surpassed such restrictive societal boundaries to become a form of trend that is adapted by people from various classes and is viewed as providing an aesthetic appeal to the clothes adorned by people.

Body Jewellery – A trendy mainstay among the fashionable lot

The Kanuri tribe from Nigeria

The fashion of donning body jewellery is quite prevalent around us. The trend has reached such heights that you can find various kind of jewellery that is crafted from various materials. These funky pieces of jewellery are picked and chosen by the wearer to personify one’s personality. Body jewellery as the name suggests can be worn on numerous places on the body like – ears, nose pins, naval rings, tongue piercing, eyebrow piercing, nipple rings etc. These have become mainstream jewellery currently that reflects the fashion sensibilities and style of a person.

Body Jewellery – A trendy mainstay among the fashionable lot

Nose piercing

Available in numerous designs and size; body jewellery has its own charm. Jewellery can be found and is also made for every convenient part of the body. A whole range of jewellery is available in the market that caters to buyers with budget from low to high. One’s approach to selecting the jewellery says a log of one’s individual fashion. Body jewellery should be created based not just on its fashion quotient but caution should be taken to craft jewellery that does not cause any form of allergic reaction or rash to the wearer’s body. If as a jeweller you provide piercing for the Client, then measures must be taken to ensure that the jewellery and the equipment is sterilized.

Body Jewellery – A trendy mainstay among the fashionable lot

Hair braid jewellery

If one does not have a brick and mortar store, jewellery designers can carry out sales for their body jewellery collection through online jewellery stores. One must ensure that they provide information that is useful to the buyers with regard to the jewellery alongwith explanation pertaining to the pros and cons of body jewellery. Body jewellery is a favourite across people from different age and economic groups. This makes the clientele diverse and vast. Hence to cater to every category one can identify the kind of market one wants to cater to and accordingly ensure that the price-range can be met to the clientele that one wants to serve. Jewellery shopping should be a good experience to the buyer for them to want to come back and turn into loyal customers.

Body Jewellery – A trendy mainstay among the fashionable lotBody jewellery is not only stylish but is a depiction of the wearers personal style statement and makes one stand out based on the choice that one makes. If as a jewellery designer you are able to tap into the market trend and produce designs that have recall value then one can truly gain popularity. As aspiring jewellery designers one must be able to understand trends and gauge the clientele’s requirement. Learn all about jewellery design by enrolling in the 3-years BSc. in Jewellery Design offered at one of the well-known jewellery designing institutes of Cochin.