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Indian weddings are lavish affairs. In fact, if you are the bride, you are bound to look like a goddess on your wedding day. Now, a crucial aspect of any bridal look is the hairstyle. The hair sets the tone for the complete outfit. Having said that, Indian wedding hairstyles are complex.

Being well-versed with the latest hairstyles for Indian weddings in the world of hairdressing is thus vital before the bride wears her makeup. Since you are here to read this blog, you probably want some inspiration for your next project. So, read on to find out about the various hairstyles for Indian brides.

Hairstyles for Indian Brides

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Styling an Indian bride’s hair is an intricate art. You have to consider the culture of the bride along with various other factors. For instance, if the bride has long hair, you must know the best bridal hairstyle for long hair. If she has curly hair or wavy hair, you will have to find a style that complements her natural hair texture. In order to make your quest easier, we have compiled a list of the most happening hairstyles for Indian brides.

Wavy Open Hair

The best way to flaunt gorgeous natural hair is to let it down. This holds true especially if the bride has well-maintained locks of wavy hair. The bride can then contour her hair using a hair tie or simply leave it open and don a maang tika.

Bridal Fish Braids

If the bride wishes to have her hair appear thick and luscious, she can also opt for bridal fish braids. Much like the first hairstyle, this is one that is worn best by women with long locks of hair.

To wear one’s hair in a fish braid is quite simple. Weave separated locks of hair in a fishtail-like fashion while leaving the upper end of the braid slightly loose. As one goes further down the back, one should tighten the weave.

Doing this should give the hair a tapered appearance. Once the bride has successfully braided her hair, she can adorn it with flowers or hair Jewellery.

Centrally Parted Straight Hair

The classic approach to fashion seldom goes wrong. So, brides can also opt for this particular hairstyle if they want a touch of modesty on their wedding day. With a sleek appearance, centrally parted hair typically works best with straight hair.

 Depending on the bride’s hair type, she may have to prepare her hair with a straightening and smoothening treatment beforehand. This hairstyle emanates elegance when styled with a baroque lehenga.

Low Buns

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Another classical favourite, the low bun, is a great way to show off one’s neckline. Because of the low-drop stance of the bun, brides can emphasise more focus on their neck and ear Jewellery.

The bride needs to simply tie her hair up in a neat bun at the nape of her neck for this hairstyle. Once the hair is set, she can enhance her appearance with a gajra or an ornate hairpin.

The low bun hairstyle is a versatile hairstyle in the sense that it looks good with both short and long hair. Its essence, of course, lies in its neatness more than anything else. It makes for a gorgeous hairstyle for a bride in a saree.

Semi Updos

Some brides prefer to flaunt their long hair without the hassle of holding it back all the time. In such scenarios, semi-updos are a great option. This hair style for Indian weddings essentially involves tying up the front of the bride’s hair into a tiara of sorts.

Doing so leaves the bride’s face free of hair. Once the hair has been done up, the remaining portion of her hair can either be contoured or left plain. This is a versatile and elegant option that works with any hair length. The bride can add embellishments in the form of jewels and woven flower strings to her crown.

Choosing the Ideal Wedding Hairstyles for Brides

The ideal wedding hairstyles for brides largely depend on 3 main factors.

  • Shape of the bride’s face
  • Wedding attire
  • Desired accessories

One of the most important factors for the bride to consider when choosing her bridal hairstyle is the shape of her face. For instance, if the bride has an oval face, she can choose from a plethora of hairstyles.

However, when choosing the right marriage bride hairstyle for a bride who has square jaws, hairstyles that incorporate locks that fall on the face look the best. Ultimately the goal is to find wedding hairstyles for the bride that flatter her facial shape and features.

The bride’s wedding attire also plays an important role in settling upon a particular hair-do. Should the bride sport a low neckline, she can emphasise her neck Jewellery by wearing her hair in a semi-updo. Similarly, if the choice of the bride’s wedding attire is an off-shoulder choli-lehenga, centrally parted straight hair would look great with it.

Finally, the bride’s choice of Jewellery and accessories would also have to be factored in when choosing an Indian bridal hairstyle. To demonstrate, a baroque hairpin would be the ideal accessory in a bridal bun. However, for a semi-updo or even open wavy hairdo, a matha patti would be the best Jewellery choice. If the thought of designing Jewellery excites you, you can even consider a degree in jewellery design.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, hairstyles for Indian brides demand that aesthetic appeal be their focus. As a hairstylist, the responsibility of selecting the best hairstyle for bride is a heavy one. After all, the bride is at the Centre of attention in wedding festivities.

As of 2023, over one crore weddings take place in India in a year. That number, along with the number of allied wedding-based industries, is expected to increase in the future. Therefore, hairstyles for Indian weddings are a market waiting to peak.

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