Careers in Hairdressing Industry Guide: What Profession Can You Pick?

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Careers in Hairdressing Industry Guide: What Profession Can You Pick?

The beauty industry offers several lucrative careers for all that have limitless opportunities to explore art and its expertise. As an aspirant, you can look for several careers in hairdressing industry, beauty, skincare, makeup, runway fashion, and so on. When it comes to beauty, the needs are truly endless. With the right guidance and courses, you can land the best professional roles in the hair and beauty industry today. When it comes to hair, in particular, the jobs in hairdressing industry alone are among the top career options. As per the demands of the day and ahead, these roles would gain more and more priority.

So, are you ready with the right starting strategies to delve straight into your career goals? Whether you are already into hairdressing, know the basics, or wish to start from scratch, find all the direction you need. Follow along to learn more about the hair care industry and its endless professional needs and find career options for you.

Top Careers in Hairdressing Industry Today

With your artistic and stylistic capabilities, you will find infinite career opportunities in hair and beauty industry. Here are some of the most common hair dressing jobs that you can explore.

Hairdresser or Barber

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It goes without saying that hairdresser work is the most popular opportunity out there. As a hairdresser, you can provide services like cutting, styling, and colouring hair. With some skills as a barber, you can also inculcate beard grooming, shaving, and massaging in your roles.

As a skilled hairdresser, you must have the right apprenticeship and be able to incorporate all your customer’s requirements. Generally, your goal would be to add the best into making something beautiful while maintaining healthy hair.

Moreover, you must be familiar with new styles and trends while possessing techniques in different cuts, colours, tools, massages, etc. Besides these practical skills, you must also have a set of soft skills like customer service, management, communication, conflict resolution, etc.

Salon Owner

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With more and more exposure in the industry, you can work your way up from a practitioner to an owner.

As a skilled hairstylist, it’s pretty obvious that you would want your place. Moreover, you can skill up and make your salon more than just for haircare and styling. You would be the leader of the team and supervise individual hairdressers, makeup artists, and others.

Along with hairdressing services, you can run nails, makeup, spas, and so much more. There is a lot of scope for expansion if you have just begun.

Moreover, as an owner, you would also be the administrative head, managing finances, employees, customers, sanitation, etc. Additionally, marketing, advertising, and recruitment would also be under your many responsibilities.

Hair and Makeup Artist

Who says you have to limit yourself to just hair? Being in one of the hairdressing careers opens up many opportunities for one. You can explore more fields and expand your skills to makeup artistry.

Chances are, you would already be familiar with the basics and be able to cope. Hairstyling and makeup can complement each other very well.

Also, as a provider who is versatile and skilled in both, your chances of getting hired also increase. You can work with clients on personal occasions, weddings, photoshoots, film/TV stylists, etc.

As per AmbitionBox, with both of these skills at hand, your salary today can be up to INR 6.6 LPA.

Cosmetic Wig Making

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Did you expect this on the list? Well, it is usually not one of the common jobs in the hairdressing industry, but equally important.

Well, wigs and extensions are a trending aspect in the hair and beauty industry and are here to stay. Wig-making is a speciality career that comes under hairdressing and is usually associated with the theatre or cosmetic industry. As a skilled wig-maker, you can work for private individuals, haircare specialists, salons, retailers, etc.

Apart from theatre and cosmetic needs, the popular demand for wigs is by people from daily walks of life. This is a growing industry and a part of the high-earning beauty jobs today.

Freelance Session Stylist

If you are eager to begin and build your base, you can also start your career independently as a freelancer. Freelancing can give you more opportunities and exposure.

As an independent stylist, you can be called for fashion shows, photography sessions, events, etc. You can eventually align with agencies as well and serve for different sessions.

If you are a beginner, try to gain expertise by assisting professionals. You can slowly build up from here. Moreover, you can keep adding all your work and looks to your portfolio. You can build your presence online and network further through social media.

Beauty Tutor

Generally, as a person with skills, you can consider passing them on as a teacher. With this option, you can use your years of practice and experience to become an educator. You can help budding artists discover their skills and potential.

With skills and years of experience, you can also be hired by agencies, especially for training. Apart from this, as a beauty tutor, you can even consult the common public. You can become a guide and inform people about ways of haircare and tips to follow.

Hair Photography

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Do you have an innate knack for photography and also understand hair and its versatility? Well then, you can branch forward into the hair and beauty industry as a photographer. Your skills matched with the right understanding, can bring out the best in a hair model.

Hair photography is an essential position as it is a massive focus of the fashion and style industry. There are shows, shoots, lookbooks, etc., that need skilled photographers who also understand the niche well.

Wrapping Up

There are boundless possibilities for expansion as a professional in the line of haircare and makeup. The beauty industry is huge and is also expanding with every passing moment. New needs of people, unique trends, and popular culture never fall short of creative roles and responsibilities. As a student pursuing this field, you can find lots of careers in hairdressing industry. From being a hairstylist at a salon to having your own salon, or session freelancing, the doors open in every direction.

All you need is to find the right path to begin. The contemporary courses offered at JD Institute of Fashion technology can help you explore and establish yourself in the industry. Opt for the Diploma in MakeUp and Hairstyle Artistry at JD Institute of Fashion Technology today! Start right and get the best exposure working and learning among professionals.