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Can I do a Jewellery Designing Course after Graduation?

Jewellery Designing course is available most of the leading design institutes in India. The course can be pursued after the completion of graduation in any stream. Having an innate creative inclination is an added advantage and keeps one in good stead for a career in jewellery designing.

 There are varied types of courses that cater to one’s needs and requirements. The jewellery designing program is a comprehensive course that trains and enables a jewellery design aspirant develop a strong artistic vision, create a technical sketch of the jewellery pieces, practical use of computer-aided design (CAD) software, different types of jewellery, alongwith the production, sourcing of materials, types of metals, precious and semi-precious stones.  The jewellery designing course teaches the students the finer intricacies of jewellery and the process of jewellery design.

Can I do a Jewellery Designing Course after Graduation?

Different types of jewellery

The jewellery design industry in India is growing at a rather fast pace and the Jewellery Design Course provides a stepping stone for aspirants to r launchpad for an aspiring designer with a combination of technical, artistic and marketable skills. The module mentors teach the requisite creative and technical skills alongwith taking aspirants for industrial visits to prepare them in their professional journey as a jewellery designer. This helps them understand the nuances of jewellery design career. Jewellery design theory helps students obtain knowledge of jewellery artistry. Skills covered include illustrating the jewellery product that encapsulates its shape, form and texture; working with tools and rendering metals, as well as a range of gemstones and pearls. Instructors guide students to fashion their designs in different views and to keep the constant flow of design ideas. Irrespective one’s formal educational background, post the successful completion of the jewellery design course, the aspirant will have a jewellery design portfolio of their work to present their prospective employers and clients.

Can I do a Jewellery Designing Course after Graduation?

Jewellery Design Manual Rendering

Jewellery Designing Course can be taken up post the completion of 12th standard examinations as well or even post-graduation. What is important is the will to learn and a creative streak. Enroll in the 1year Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design in one of the best jewellery designing institutes in Bangalore or you can explore the 3year BSc. in Jewellery Design offered in Cochin.

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