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visual tools graphic design - visual tools - Career Opportunities in Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a discipline that concerns itself with the process of communication and its nature by default supports an interdisciplinary approach to education, career and beyond. Since the concept of communication finds itself constantly evolving with influence from culture and technological advancements, it is nonetheless a universal phenomenon that is essential to navigate and understand the world that one lives in. As with any creative field, an education in graphic design does not necessarily entail that the career opportunities one could find for the medium are exclusive in itself. It rather encourages roles that are fluid and interdependent. With the current increase in the reliance on digital tools, graphic design has developed into a promising and challenging career option that is more relevant now than ever.

 The career opportunities discussed below only outline its vast scope while encouraging a trans-disciplinary way of working that is constantly evolving.


Career Opportunities in Graphic Design graphic design - print - Career Opportunities in Graphic Design
Graphic Design on digital medium. Image Source: Unsplash

Graphic Designer

The role of a graphic designer is to translate a client’s brief into visual communication formats which can involve designing visual communication tools, imagery, layout, presentation and display. Although graphic design can be done with both hand and digital mediums, the latter is preferred for its adaptability and ease of use. Graphic designers also have to be sensitive of the interpretation and reception of visual tools and need to have colour sensitivity. As all businesses compete for attention, graphic designers are essential to any enterprise for branding, layouts, advertisement, campaign, typography and other visual-based images, finding its application on magazines, packaging, product design, print mediums and so on.

web design graphic design - web design - Career Opportunities in Graphic Design
Web design Image Source: Unsplash

Web Designer

A web designer, creates and improvises website in ways that reflect the identity of the organisation or the client. Their role involves conceptualising ideas, testing them, creating a vocabulary of visual imagery that is relevant to the identity of the company, designing font, colour, layout, and presentation of the website. A web designer is expected to have sensitivity and understanding of user experience so that the navigation of the website or the webpage encourages interaction and engagement from the user. Proficiency in software and digital skills are required, however unlike a web developer, extensive knowledge of coding is not required.

multimedia design process graphic design - multimedia design process - Career Opportunities in Graphic Design
Multimedia process Image Source: Unsplash

Multimedia Designer

Multimedia designers combine audio, text, photography and animation tools to create video, graphics, or other interactive content. They are in demand in the entertainment industry. Especially in film and television, game industry, broadcasting agencies and in advertising and marketing organisations that require innovative and informative campaigns to compel the viewer to subscribe to their services. A multimedia designer requires expertise in various digital softwares and video editing tools. They also require an aptitude to create content that engages the audience and enables a user-friendly experience.

UI/UX interface prototype
Image Source: Unsplash graphic design - editing tools 466x262 - Career Opportunities in Graphic Design
UI/UX interface prototype Image Source: Unsplash


User-Interface (UI) and User-Experience (UX) design requires understanding of user requirements through research, investigation and evaluation to deliver a memorable experience. Graphic design in UI/UX involves conceptualising and creative visual design, improving functionality, usefulness and solving user-related problems. Requiring a strong understanding of digital softwares, the role differs among different companies based on what service they provide, and it can broadly include designing components that enhance user navigation. The designer formulates user-flows and wireframes that represent a user’s journey in interacting with a platform and creating and testing prototypes

business card graphic design - business card - Career Opportunities in Graphic Design
Print on business card Image Source: Unsplash


Printmaking is the creative process of designing, transferring and/or creating print on paper or any other digital or print mediums. Aligned with the field of typography, a graphic design education can enable one to pursue a career in printmaking which finds itself applicable in any industry, from print in magazines, advertisement and marketing strategies to online platforms. Although traditional printmaking using hands-on methods is still practiced, digital printmaking finds itself in more demand in the current market to utilise the technological resources.

aniamtion shooting graphic design - aniamtion shooting - Career Opportunities in Graphic Design
Animation Process Image Source: Unsplash

Animation and Visual Effects

The role of animation is to bring static images to motion and visual effects/VFX manipulate images and videos by adding special effects. Both these mediums find application in various media-related fields. Through an education in graphic design, one interested in software and editing skills can translate their skill to editing and manipulating industries for entertainment and educational purposes. With an ever-growing demand on digital platforms, these career opportunities are only expanding.

sketching graphic design - sketching - Career Opportunities in Graphic Design
Sketching Product on digital medium Image Source: Unsplash

Industrial/ Product Designer

Industrial designers and product designers require skills to translate ideas through form and material, and a graphic design education can enable to create products from the view of how it can be marketed and advertised. Creating sketches, plans and structures can enable one to create industrial or design products that are visually strong and have interactive user-experience.

augmented reality graphic design - augmented reality - Career Opportunities in Graphic Design
VR/AR/MR Image Source: Unsplash


Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are fields that require technical proficiency, and more importantly they require the aid of artists and graphic designers to create the content that needs to be projected. This creative part that requires innovative and creative representation through digital tools is what an orientation in graphic design can contribute. With the current world transitioning to a reality that is dependent on these sophisticated technological processes for various services ranging from entertainment and gaming to shopping and education, the prospect of this field is promising in a post-pandemic world.

Graphic Design is a versatile field that can be considered an umbrella term for various specialisations. Since communication can take multiple formats, depending on place and time, what makes graphic design in today’s work a responsible and promising career, is its power to expand the concept of communication in a way that challenges traditional formats and at the same time augmenting the experience of it. Being part of a world that is witnessing a complete transition into digital era, the role and importance of graphic design has been amplified, now more than ever. Inorder to select the right role one needs to understand the nuances of Graphic Design. Acquaint yourself and see the plethora of subjects one can explore with the 4-years Bachelor of Visual Arts/B. Des. in Graphic Design course, to open the pandora for future opportunities.

digital tool graphic design - digital tool - Career Opportunities in Graphic Design

(Digital Process – Image Source: Unsplash)

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