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International Mother Language Day - 2018 World Mother Language day is observed on 21st February every year from 2000. The main aim of this day is to promote multilingualism, create awareness on cultural diversity and protect the mother languages. JD Institute of Fashion technology observed the International Language day in the JD Institute Brigade campus. The Institute has students from all diversity and during

National Youth Day at JD Institute, Bangalore On 12th January 2018; the 156th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda was celebrated as National Youth Day at JD Institute of Fashion Technology; Bangalore. The students celebrated this day by performing a variety of performances which brought out the philosophy and teaching of Swamiji. It also inspired, promoted education, art, a way of life, building trust among

Blood Donation Camp - JD Institute of Fashion Technology In association with Indian Red Cross Society, JD Institute of Fashion Technology - Bangalore donated 47 units of blood as a way of giving back to the society. In order to raise awareness amongst the youngsters, the campaign was organized at the Bangalore campus and encouraged everyone to donate blood.   Shot By : Jerin Nath Blood Donation

International Yoga Day - JD Institute of Fashion Technology To celebrate the essence and importance of yoga in our lives, JD Institute of Fashion Technology organized a special talk session with two prominent and artistic people. Deepak Doraiswamy and Deepika Dorai, Founder of Bimba Art Ashram were invited to touch the lives of our students by sharing their knowledge and experience. With a key