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Curly hair tips: Tricks to maintain & manage curly locks
Curly hair is gorgeous and unique but only someone who has natural curls can relate to how unruly they can get most of the time. If not maintained properly, curly tresses tend to go through hair fall, tangled hair, dryness and may lose luster.

They are exceptionally unique but you need to treat and work extra to maintain the curls.

Dos and don’ts for curly hairCurly hair tips: Tricks to maintain & manage curly locks

Here are some tips on managing your curls daily and keeping them healthy and shiny forever.

  1. Flip your head upside down and with the help of a towel scrunch it so that the towel absorbs the water. While you scrunch your hair, it will take shape and help in forming curls.
  2. Keep it clean and moisturized. Always use a shampoo and conditioner suitable for curly hair. Hair products made for curly hair understand the hair type and have elements to help it retain efficient moisture.
  3.  Always use leave-in cream if your curly hair gets frizzy and dry. Leave-in cream helps in moisturizing, maintaining, and making your curls look graceful.
  4. Use the pads of your fingers to cleanse in a circular motion, it eliminates the frizz by blocking out any humidity or unhealthy moisture in the hair. Do not use your nails nor scrub too hard.
  5. Usage of serum prevents the hair from getting frizzy. It also provides moisture so your locks can have bounce and sheen.
  6. Always use a wide-tooth comb and avoid using a fine-tooth comb and brushes as they open your curls.
    • Avoid combing your hair when dry. Only comb when wet.
    • Conditioner is mandatory.
    • Serum, leave-in conditioner, mousse, and curl enhancing cream are a must.

Curly hair tips: Tricks to maintain & manage curly locks