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Denim – How to style it? denim - Denim     How to style it Thumbnail - Denim – How to style it?

How to style denim without a major fashion faux pas? Denim is a mainstay in all our wardrobes but most often, we find ourselves reaching for it when in a hurry to rush out or as a last resort when your laundry pile exceeds critical range. Wearing denim is more than just the colour of pants and the fashion rips in them. The one piece of clothing that has evolved since 60s’, finds its use in today’s wardrobes with more crop tops and spaghettis than ever before.

From tough love denim jeans that last in your wardrobe forever across generations to the white washed denim jacket that you can pair with a summer dress, denim is a true jack of all trades. All the fashion faux pas of the boomers take a back seat as monochromes and all-denim outfits make a comeback with a fashion-forward look. Gone are the days when denim was just a street style, denim opens up an endless world of possibilities. Here are 5 ways you can style denim for a bold and trendy look.

1. For the double denim look

This denim look is the trickiest to pull off, if you do it just right, there is nothing that can scream bold and confident like it does. You might like it so much that you might choose it to be your signature style as well. So, here is how to do it just right without vanishing into the folds of a denim tent closing in around you.

Choose similar washes and wear. While you might think white wash pants and dark wash jackets might pair well, it really doesn’t. An even look throughout the outfit gives a cohesive look that even adds to your height and helps you look taller and meaner. If that doesn’t intimidate and scream boldly. I don’t know what to do!Denim – How to style it? denim - Denim     How to style it 4 - Denim – How to style it?

2. Shades of denim 

Well, denim is blue. Or is it? While the popular denim shade is usually a shade of blue and the colour is muted and neutral. So, the blue denim pairs well with almost any colour of your top or your jacket. Pair different colours, explore the range of colours in denim and the washes that come along with it. Have fun pairing it with colours and find your favourite.

For example, try wearing a monochrome white look, with a white top and white denim, paired with a blue denim jacket and cool pair of sneakers. Might work for a great day out in the sun or the beach. Denim – How to style it? denim - Denim     How to style it 2 - Denim – How to style it?

3. Tough Love

Well, for the fun of it let’s call denim, tough love. Although in fashion it has nothing to do with parenting. The unbroken, long-lasting love that absolutely never gives up on you and doesn’t dispute being worn to a grocery shop or a casual date. Denims got you covered. Pardon my pun. Explore different denim silhouettes. Explore and experiment boldly when playing around with different denim looks.

For your top, you can try anything from a classic denim jacket for an outdoor jaunt to a denim-inspired shirt for a semi-formal wear look to a black denim blazer for formal business travel wear.

4. Pop of colour

If you feel all the well washed and distressed denim might mute your overall look, don’t hold back on experimenting on trying on different hues to compliment your look styling denim.

Try pairing muted denim with a pop of colour from your wardrobe. If it’s a white washed denim jean bottom pair with a spot of red, black or dark blue and so on. If it’s a dark washed denim jean bottom, try pairing it with a complimentary colour. Denim – How to style it? denim - Denim     How to style it 1 - Denim – How to style it?

If none of it feels perfect for your day out and your bed is a pile of clothes sourced straight from your wardrobe, just find your bright red lipstick and a smear from that little tube of charm packs all the boldness and confidence your outfit needs.

5. Accessorize

I agree a casual look doesn’t have too many accessories or it might come across as overdone. Your all-denim look is vibing for a cool and a neutral canvas, add some simple accessories to tie your look together and add an element of fun.

Denim – How to style it? denim - Denim     How to style it 3 - Denim – How to style it?A metal strap watch, some jewellery, or a fun hair accessory can breathe life into a denim-on-denim outfit. For those fearless fashionistas out there looking for some risk, make your denim outfit a triple-denim look by adding a denim purse, a denim hat, or denim shoes.