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“Fashion is the Art and you are the Canvas”. – Unknown

Fashion Photography is a genre of photography which involves promoting fashion as a creation or fine art. It is considered collectively as one of the foremost booming and glamorous careers and has surfaced as a lucrative and a stimulating career option.

So how can you get started with Fashion Photography? As a photographer, one must be able to create a decent composition of any subject; be it a bit of machinery, the sweetness of the flesh or a scenery. It has rightly been said that one picture can sometimes be far more eloquent than a thousand words. Fashion Photography offers a bigger sort of prospects than most other genres of photography. It is divided into many streams, each generating numerous job opportunities.

As Scott Lorenzo said, “The picture that you just took with your camera is the imagination you would like to form with reality.” As glamorous because the industry is, it is quite a challenging field additionally. Thus to begin with, there are lots of technical skills involved that one must master some of which include; the basic knowledge about lighting, awareness of assorted fashion trends, a close understanding of various styles and compositions and a crucial skill set of making their work unique.


The Fashion Photography industry requires you to always be on the edge. To have a successful career in the field, a good quality portfolio has to be made which can reflect your talent and artistic skills. The craft requires a great skill and need for one to stand out as it is a highly competitive industry and there are more job seekers than available positions. In order to make a creative and impressive portfolio, the fashion photographers have to ensure that they have a particular style that is unique to each.

Fashion Photography as a career has boomed not just in the fashion industry but also in various other avenues such as advertising, media, publication houses, studios, spec shoots, Fashion/beauty editorial shoots, working for brands etc.  Apart from the authentic fashion shoots for editorials, many publication houses require talented photographers for models as well as product photography for their publications. The number of job opportunities are varied and diverse yet plenty. You will also be able to create and conduct your own shoots based on the themes received for the brands and by the media houses. You may also freelance or start your own venture wherein you can design and create your own shoots. This exciting career needs you to have the creative eye and an understanding about fashion and how well it can be captured to portray its essence.

Networking is key for a Fashion photographer as he/she requires the right contacts to get in touch with the models and agencies in order to be able to work and create an experience for themselves. As mentioned earlier, we know that it is a glamorous industry and one of the most highly desired jobs, but it also requires a lot of hard work and the right technical guidance with regard to how to use the camera and also have the knowledge about the soft wares for editing such as Adobe Photoshop etc.


To have and experience a complete insight about the field JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers a three month course, Diploma in Fashion Photography. We provide the students with a 360-degree knowledge and the right exposure for aspiring students. The key is to learn from a course that not only gives you a complete proficiency about the subject but also gives you the industry exposure, especially for a field which is mainly based on networking and credible contacts. Training the students for the best, with highly qualified faculties and immense number of opportunities, career proliferations and various platforms to exhibit and put out their impeccable talent and artistic skills, the course is a complete package. The students also get the latitude to shoot at various events hosted by the institution. This gives them a practical experience of handling the work and profession on a larger scale.

Day by day the field of Fashion Photography gets highly demanding and the competition is keen because of the perks and credibility associated with this career. It is undoubtedly prolific as a career as each day seems to be a new experience, with several opportunities to travel within the country and abroad. The career avails a high salary and a glamorous lifestyle. Fashion Photography as a career industry paints a glittering picture for the talented ones with each shoot ensuring a lot of fun and diversity. So hurry up and grab the right window to capture a fascinating and glittering career in the world of Fashion Photography. Admissions for the academic year 2020 are open!