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Fashion Photography Composition Tips

Fashion Photography Composition Tips, for balanced and stunning photographs! In Fashion Photography it is essential to learn about compositions and a well-balanced image. Composition directs our eyes through an image and provides the subject the connection with other elements in the picture. It grabs the attention of the audience and can transform a regular picture into something spectacular. A composition includes visual balance, flow, concept and direction. Here are a few tips to capture a composed picture that includes the rule of thirds, Colour balance, different camera angles and many.

Rule of Thirds Fashion Photography Composition Tips

Rule of thirds, or the rule of thumb is used for composing visual images like designs, films and paintings. This guideline divides the image into nine equal parts and the compositional elements are to be placed at the intersecting points. The rule of thirds is useful especially if one is not sure where to place the subject. This technique creates an interest to the viewers, rather than just centering the subject.

Colour balance Fashion Photography Composition Tips

Colour Balance plays an important role in photography. One can also play asymmetrical balance a step forward using colors and experiment with it. A fashion photograph with too many oranges, reds might look overwhelming. Hence, photographers need to balance out the colors in a small space. The objective is to mainly segregate the pastels, vibrants in small areas. This makes the photography soothing and appealing.

ConceptFashion Photography Composition Tips

Concept adds value and depth to the image and every fashion photoshoot usually has a specific theme that connects each picture with one another. The fashion magazines build pictures only when the concepts are finalized. The conceptual image has its own story with visual clues through backdrop, makeup, lighting and even clothing. But the main aspect of a fashion photographer is to bring out the emotions from a picture such as happiness, stillness, joy etc.

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Balance Fashion Photography Composition Tips

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical balance is a unique way to create wonderful photographs. Symmetric balance divides the picture into equal parts whereas Asymmetrical balance or informal balance is not divided equally on the frame sides. Composing a perfect image in the centre with the front position of the subject creates stunning photographs. Fashion photographers juxtapose a significant element for unique compositions.Fashion Photography Composition Tips

Fashion Photography Composition Tips helps aspiring young photographers, who wish to have photography as their career. If one is interested in photography and wants to know in depth about it, they can enroll in the 3 month Diploma in Fashion Photography.

Fashion Photography Composition Tips