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Fashion Photography Trends for 2021 – A must read!

Fashion photography trends for the year 2021 evolved during the pandemic. Fashion Photography as a field is very sensitive to change, each day brings with itself a new inspiration and a clean canvas. When talking about fashion photography, it is well-known that the style is ever-changing and so is this art. Moreover, the pandemic and the episode of isolation gave artists around the world to reflect on their work, get inspired and this has surely brought in new trends in this field. Working from home and social media made people consume more content in the digital space encouraging photographers to think out of the box.

Let’s begin!

  1. Minimalist Photography – Less is More!
Fashion Photography Trends for 2021 – A must read!

(Minimalist Photography | Source: Freepik.com)

Minimalist photography requires a lot of precision to bring out a cleaner frame with bare minimum details where the focus is on your subject. The picture has to be a perfect balance of elegance and peace. There is no metaphor in minimalist imagery, the portrayal of the subject is loud and clear, thus requiring a lot of precision. A minimalist approach makes use of everyday things and objects around and present them in a sophisticated manner.

From the iconic minimalist designers like Jill Sander, Issey Miyake to Arje, Comme Des Garcons, and Bodice, Shades of India, Raw Mango, etc. in India have chosen to showcase their style by keeping it simple and elegant.

  1. Bold Colours – Bright and Lively!

The use of bold colours in pictures take away the monotony and put life into your work. As a photographer, you can make use of vivid and vibrant hues to portray ordinary objects in an alluring manner. Pictures with bold colors are eye-catching and garner a lot of attention, surely making is one of the most sought-after fashion photography trends.

Fashion Photography Trends for 2021 – A must read!

(Bold Colours | source: pexels.com)

Many popular brands like Chanel, Balenciaga, Hermes choose to go bold in their style by making a statement with vibrant hues.

  1. Capturing memories – Candid Photography.
Fashion Photography Trends for 2021 – A must read!

(Candid Photography | Source: pexels.com)

Candid photography is timeless as it allows you to bring out the personality of a person/people to the frame. Unfiltered and authentic images encourages you to connect with the pictures and experience real beauty through the lens.

  1. Self-expression & Inclusivity
Fashion Photography Trends for 2021 – A must read!

(Self-Expression | Source: Freepik.com)

These days, the young are understanding the importance of self-love, expression, and embracing themselves the way they are. This is one of the beautiful forms of photography wherein you can capture personalities in their true authentic self irrespective of color, race, and body shape. Many upcoming brands such as Levis, Nike, H&M, etc. have listened to their customers to bring out styles that inclusive and flaunting to all body types. Due to its humane approach, self-expression does grab a special place in the list of fashion photography trends 2021.

  1. Social issues from the lens to the world
Fashion Photography Trends for 2021 – A must read!

(Fashion-Social Cause |source: Freepik.com)

Pictures are the best way to communicate the struggle and sufferings in society to encourage minds to think progressively and for the betterment of the society as a whole. Moreover, with the growing concerns over nature and the shift to sustainability, fashion designers and photographers are highly considering this concept to through their works.

Brands like Gap, Jack and Jones, Adidas, etc. are working towards the social cause of adding sustainability in fashion keeping into account global warming. Thus, the visual aids of these brands communicate the same message.

  1. Vertical Photography

Fashion Photography Trends for 2021 – A must read!

(Vertical Photography | source: pexels.com)

Vertical photography became an instant and massive hit during the lockdown. With the rising use of social media platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. vertical framing is what the fashion brands are focusing on grab attention on these channels. Surely this is one style which is no doubt one of the most popular fashion photography trends in 2021.

  1. Surreal Photography – Into the World of Fantasy!

Fashion Photography Trends for 2021 – A must read!

(Surreal Photography | source: mymodernmet.com)

Many photographers and fashion designers use surrealism to portray their concepts and it surely does make the picture or a style stand out from the rest. Surreal photography or Experimental Photography transports the viewers to an alternate reality. Elsa Schiaparelli, Salvador Dali, Man Ray, Alexander McQueen are some of the eminent designers who have chosen surrealism to portray their style.

  1. Mental Health Awareness
Fashion Photography Trends for 2021 – A must read!

(Mental Health | Source: Tackma.com)

During the pandemic, people were locked inside their homes with social interaction dialed down from bare minimum to none. This episode in our lives did bring many mental issues on the surface which were buried deep down due to the busy routines and tight schedules.  Many fashion labels and fashion photographers around the world have showed their support to mental health awareness through their designs and pictures to bring the world’s attention to this issue.

  1. Capture the culture
Fashion Photography Trends for 2021 – A must read!

(Wedding Photography | Source: Pexels.com)

With an abundance of diversity in culture in a country like India, you get a large canvas to work around this concept. Wedding photography gives you plethora of options to work around the different concepts and capture beautiful pictures.

  1. Retro Photography
Fashion Photography Trends for 2021 – A must read!

(Retro Photography | Source: Freepik.com)

Retro is the new cool, isn’t it? With tweed, high-knee socks, square-toe shoes, and many more styles from the grandma’s closet are officially back in fashion, retro photography has grabbed some attention this year. The vintage effects and the pop of retro colors beautifully combine the styles of the past and the present.

These are the famous 10s of fashion photography trends that you need to look for in 2021. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog and if you are really into photography, you might want to check one of the best fashion photography courses in town and follow where your heart leads you to.

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