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Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021 tiles - Tiles - Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021

Tiles have been a staple for interiors of every home through the centuries. Atleast one room in the house will definitely have it. It is among the most popular building materials in the world. The reason for its popularity stems due to its durability and low maintenance. Choosing a tile is not so simple, over the years they have evolved in various formats and finishes. Currently there are a variety of designs in form, colour, prints, patterns and texture. Earlier tiles were viewed as a necessity functional element, today they are a part of a rising trend wherein design, fashion and beauty come first when choosing material.

The following are the tile trends of 2021:

Mediterranean Inspiration with a twist
Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021 tiles - Mediterranean tiles - Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021

Mediterranean tiles

Mediterranean tiles are durable and have many takers in India and will be a part of interiors even in 2021. Though this foray will have hints of yellow, pink and green with almost worn out look to make it seem more homely. The addition of these can help create a formal, rustic or even a casual feel. They can be used in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and outdoor living spaces. They add hints of colour and texture to an otherwise plain and monotonous look.

Go Au Naturel with Terracotta
Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021 tiles - Terracotta tiles - Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021

Terracotta Tiles


Terracotta tiles have made a comeback due to its natural appeal. The durable tiles create a great base for fixtures and fittings. The earthy texture creates a right balance of ruggedness and refinement. It is popular in living rooms and enclosed porch areas. 2021 looks like a year which will be dominated by warm colours and textures and Terracotta tiles fits the bill perfectly.

Size does matter
Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021 tiles - Large Format Tiles - Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021

Large Format Tiles

If you are looking for elegance, then large format tiles is the most recommended option. They have fewer grout lines and are practical. Due to its size, the installation of these tiles requires less time and the grouping of the pieces provokes a greater visual continuity.  The other added advantage due to less grout line there are fewer areas for the dust to store and reduces cleaning the lines. Therefore, large format tiles are comparatively more hygienic and ease of convenience.

Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021 tiles - Marble tiles - Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021

Marble Tiles

 Addition of marble tiles in interiors provides a chic and classy look. These tiles are available in a multitude of designs, colours and finishes. The muted colours and sophisticated designs add splendour to any room – bathroom walls, shower area, vanity tops in bathrooms, backsplashes in the kitchen etc. It is also highly durable and once installed, it can be used for years together. It can withstand heavy footfall and still continue to look as good as new.

Patterned tiles
Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021 tiles - Fish Scale Tiles - Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021

Scallop tiles

 Patterned tiles are making a major comeback in recent times. Traditional encaustic tiles have been around for many years, but that style is witnessing a resurgence. The availability of shapes are different and far more interesting too. They are no longer just squares and rectangles but are trending ins shapes like Scallops, chevrons, pencil, hexagon, and kite shapes. The space of incorporating such tiles often needs to be calming rather than ‘out there’.

Handmades tale
Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021 tiles - Handmade tiles - Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021

Handmade tiles

This year has been about revisiting the basics and enjoying the simpler things in life, in particular celebrating traditional crafts. The handmade tiles provide natural variations and provide vibrant surfaces. This will be observed in tiles that appear to be ‘deliberately handmade’ such as traditional encaustic patterns and tiles with rough-edged profiles.

Terrazo Spectacle
Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021 tiles - Terrazzo tiles - Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021

Terrazzo tiles

One of the dominant trends for 2021, the speckled design on terrazzo tiles in these tiles looks uber modish and serves as an affordable option to marble or granite. With varied material options like marble to quartz, glass and metal, it creates depth and texture.

Though tiles for this year revisit some classic styles, they have reinstated the hope that these building materials are here to stay and will not go out of trend anytime soon. With varied material variations and textures, they will only evolve into more stylized versions.  

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Tiles Story – 7 Trends for 2021