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Five Movies That Fashion Design Students Should Watch

Movies and the design Industry go hand in hand. We create, they put it out. They showcase the mind work of multiple designers and we embrace it. A perfect relationship!

As we said, the movie world exposes us to various cultures and trends and with observational eyes, the fashion design students can get ideas and inspiration for their work. The love for fashion, design, art, culture and more is resilient to disappear from a fashion design student. Apart from watching the movie for stories or songs, a fashion designer watches the creative amalgamation that the usual public fails to notice. And with such keen eyes comes the dream of helming an empire.

Moreover, who does not love to watch movies?  So, to quench a fashion designer’s thirst for inspiration, here are a few movies that need to be on their list:

1. Breakfast At Tiffany’s:

If this was a regular blog, we would have given you the plot synopsis. But we know, you are here to learn about the fashion world, so let us make it unidirectional. The classic starring Audrey Hepburn left a never-ending effect on pop culture, followed by the wardrobe revamping that continues to date for the new viewers. It created a legacy of timeliness in the fashion industry and is a quintessential watch for every fashion enthusiast. Breakfast at Tiffany’s gave the world the LBDs, the high-end styling and costumes pulled straight from runways. Do we need any more reasons to watch this movie?Five Movies That Fashion Design Students Should Watch 1

2. The Devil Wears Prada:

The movie, The Devil Wears Prada, apart from the spectacular performances of Meryl Streep and Anne Hathway, shows us the fashion world. Be it the transformation of a fashion-challenged individual or the beautifully curated attires, the movie oozes high-end fashion. Moreover, the trickle-down effect explained by Meryl Streep is a must-watch scene that opens our eyes to how entwined our life is with fashion and trends.Five Movies That Fashion Design Students Should Watch

3. Sex And The City:

Changing our view about street fashion and bringing us a moment of epiphany about the importance of our footwear, Sex and the City and the four girls are our favourite. The movie made the designer Manolo Blahnik a household name and vividly gave us a sumptuous feast of runway dresses. The movie also changed the way we dress by exposing us to various aspects of fashion design.Five Movies That Fashion Design Students Should Watch

4. The Dressmaker:

You might be wondering why this movie popped on the list. The movie, The Dressmaker, falls in the thriller category but the outfits, the classy style and the bold attitude that Kate Winslet brings with her are unmissable. As a dressmaker, she not only puts haute couture in focus but even her fashion entourage depicted in the movie will inspire you to create unique and impeccable designs.Five Movies That Fashion Design Students Should Watch

5. Marie Antoinette:

Queen Marie Antoinette’s impact on fashion is unshakable. The Royal Highness who ostentatiously vouched for maximalism by incorporating, silk, lace, ribbon, grand skirt, poofy sleeves in her single attire; how can a movie based on her life won’t be extravagant and high on fashion. Watch the movie, Marie Antoinette, to get a sneak peek of French fashion and introduce it in your designs. Yes, the outfits are grandeur but they are for your inspiration. Adapt it and go for a minimalist creation, who wouldn’t want to wear that?Five Movies That Fashion Design Students Should Watch

As a fashion design student, movies become an inspiration on a whole different level. Exposing you to different eras or demography, giving you an instant blast of culture and art, movies also unfurl the little intricacies of design. Your takeaways range from getting inspiration from the characters to the setup. All you need to have is good observation skills, an unmatchable taste in fashion and a creative edge.

Five Movies That Fashion Design Students Should Watch