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Jewellery Design: Getting Inspiration From The Humankind jewellery design - Jewellery Design Getting Inspiration From The Humankind Thumbnail - Jewellery Design: Getting Inspiration From The Humankind

Jewellery design gives you the platform to curate eclectic, breathtaking and one of a kind art pieces in miniature sizes that embraces the human body and gives an edge to the individual.

Jewellery has always been a significant part of world culture. Decorating the human body with little pieces of art made up of gold, silver, copper, stones, papers and what not, can be seen in the ancient artefacts too. It has forever, entranced the world and we all are deeply in love with it. And why should we not?

In the British actress Elizabeth Taylor’s words, “Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique”. So, cheers to all the jewellery designers out there who help us stick by these wise words.

In the ever evolving world of fashion designing, the face of jewellery also keeps changing. To stay in pace with it, jewellery designers are on a constant strive for inspiration. Whether it is incorporating the different elements of nature or bringing on the solid form of musical notes or even recreating some ancient art, a jewellery designer’s insatiable hunger for producing eye-catching pieces is impeccable.

As we are talking about inspirations, our body in itself is unique. And when we have such marvellous art right in front of us then why not be inspired by it? Hence, today we will take you on a tour of how humankind can be your next inspiration.

Take a look:

1. Eye:

The eyes are the window to the soul. Then why not make your jewellery pieces soulful by incorporating the eye in it? The use of the evil eye which is believed to be the symbol of protection against evil and the maleficent sight of others has been adopted by designers all across the world. Moreover, deviating from the mainstream, you can also experiment with the colour, shape and movement to bring eye-catching pieces of jewellery.

2. Lips:

Lips also have caught our attention. Afterall it says a thousand words and to create a statement we should put it in our design. Lip shaped pendants or earrings are becoming a part of pop culture thanks to Gen Z who are hoarding these pieces and giving us a sneak peek of what the future beholds.

3. Palms:

The next inspiration is our palms. Hamsa is also an ancient symbol to give protection against the evil eye and bring prosperity. Using it in a jewellery piece would give an edge to the collection. As far as experimentation is considered, your palms tend to do a lot of activities. Notice it; the form of it and depict it in your designs.  Jewellery Design: Getting Inspiration From The Humankind jewellery design - Jewellery Design Getting Inspiration From The Humankind 1 - Jewellery Design: Getting Inspiration From The Humankind

4. Teardrops:

We don’t want to see tears in your eyes but the shape and appeal of the teardrops have always mesmerised us. It is simple yet expresses our feelings. You can also play with the various elements like colour, shine or the alignment to create statement pieces. Jewellery Design: Getting Inspiration From The Humankind jewellery design - Jewellery Design Getting Inspiration From The Humankind 2 - Jewellery Design: Getting Inspiration From The Humankind

5. Neurons:

Did you ever think that the fundamental unit of our brain and nervous system can become the inspiration for jewellery designing? Well, yes and trust us, with little imagination you can deliver astounding pieces of jewellery. A total hit piece that would give the nerves to the wearer to conquer the world. You’ll also garner praises from the science world.

6. Feet:

Have you seen the beauty of your feet? The curve of it, the shape, the way it twitches and moves around with your body movement. As a jewellery designer, you have the freedom to produce it in your design without losing the charm of it. Play around and rely on your creativity and talent to leave footprints with your feet design.

7. The Curves:

Notice the beauty of the human body! The curves and how the form oozes sophistication. As a designer, observation is the key skill. Notice the intricacies of how the body moves, how the muscles coordinate to set your body in motion and how the reflexes work. Incorporate them in your designs and garner the praises from across the world.

Jewellery design is an art that helps you establish your individuality and identity. A simple piece of jewellery speaks a thousand words and enhances the beauty of the attire. With the right push, an aspiring jewellery designer can start a chain reaction and become a trendsetter. The Diploma in Fine Jewellery Design from JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore, harnesses the creative bent of you to propel your career as a jewellery designer in the right direction. It helps you understand the market and also helps you learn the fineness of designing to build a career in jewellery designing that would never run out of fashion.

Jewellery Design: Getting Inspiration From The Humankind