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Do you see yourself leading the fashion industry? If yes, then creativity and fashion are not the only elements you need. Being a fashion designer is one thing, and running a business in the fashion industry is another! Thus, the fashion management courses help you ace creativity and business games together.

Interested in building top fashion brands? Get details about fashion management courses and possible career options in the industry through this article.

Everything You Need to Know About Fashion Management Courses

Unlike conventional courses in the fashion industry, fashion management courses don’t focus on models and designers alone. These courses bring out the marketer and merchandiser in you by infusing management skills.

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The fashion business management courses in India aim to build managerial talents to excel in imports and exports, branding, and retail management. Since India is the 6th largest fashion capital in the world, it will likely witness a boom in the emergence of fashion brands.

Considering this demand, there are multiple diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, and master’s degrees to prepare you. Furthermore, career opportunities in fashion industry need academically capable hands to handle the industry demand.

Hence, the major highlights of the fashion management courses are:

  • Full-time program with a semester system
  • Available in postgraduate, diploma, and PG diploma levels
  • Eligibility criteria depend on the common or institutional entrance exam
  • Affiliated universities with global recognition offer these courses in India

If you are ready to explore your career in fashion, keep reading the details of the course.

How to Get Admission for Fashion Management Courses? – Eligibility Criteria

While there are no strict regulations on studying fashion management courses, the basic eligibility criteria include the following:

  • You need to have a graduation degree of 3 years of duration from an affiliated college.
  • Without a graduation degree, you need to complete a minimum of 3 years of UG diploma from NIFT or NID accredited institutes.
  • Having spoken and written proficiency in English is an added advantage for you.
  • Basic knowledge of the internet and computer application is a must.
  • Qualifying for a relevant entrance exam like NIFT gives you additional credits during admission.

Syllabus of Fashion Management Courses

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Are you a fashion freak but don’t have a knack for sewing ball gowns? Some best colleges for fashion business management courses have the syllabus curated to make the most out of your managerial talent.

A brief outline of the fashion management syllabus includes:

  • First Semester: The course kickstarts by giving you an overview of the fashion industry. It involves the basics of fashion, merchandising, the manufacturing process, design process, and styling.
  • Second Semester: Next phase of the course focuses on commerce and communication within the industry. Hence, the syllabus includes finance and economics, fashion communication, lifestyle, and logistics and resource management.
  • Third Semester: Moving on to the next year of this course, you will learn the commercial part in detail. This sheds light on e-commerce, consumer behaviour, research methodology, entrepreneurship, and visual merchandising.
  • Fourth Semester: The final phase of the course focuses on curating fashion events and the practical application of the knowledge gained so far. Additionally, the course comprises an internship phase that gives industry exposure to you.

There are a multitude of careers in fashion industry, and a managerial role tests your innate potential. Keep reading the following section to understand the management career opportunities in fashion industry.

What Does a Career in Fashion Business Management Look Like?

Being in the business management area of the fashion industry, you might come across multiple job roles. Even though your career might start with one position, there are endless experiments within the industry.

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Some exciting career opportunities in the fashion industry associated with the managerial position include:

  • Fashion Merchandiser: This is an extremely strategic career option that might demand analytical skills from you. It demands the analysis of current market trends, development of marketing strategies, and product positioning. As much as it sounds technically complicated, strategy building is an exciting task.
  • Brand Manager: A brand manager’s responsibilities revolve around the execution of marketing strategies. If you know the trick behind selling a product range in the fashion category, this could be your calling. It involves both online and offline marketing strategy building alongside product positioning.
  • E-commerce and Social Media Manager: If behind-the-scenes of the fashion industry excites you, social media and e-commerce management could be your core expertise. This position serves you as an opportunity to drive traffic, create brand awareness, build partnerships, and run campaigns. In short, you could be the voice behind the brand!
  • Retail and Sales: It is one of the sectors which has the highest fashion management salary! You can incorporate innovation into the business and win the game of sales and retail. All you are required to do is analyse consumer demand and fulfill them most efficiently.

The fashion industry seems very luxurious on the outside. It is only when you step into the niche you realise the bigger roles played by each internal team or member. Are you excited to take this leap of faith?

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Colleges For Fashion Business Management

Looking at the finer details of a career in fashion, you can be certain about the level of excitement within the industry. However, a right start with a solid foundation is the inevitable need to get started in this industry.

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There is no doubt about the competition to bag the best role after pursuing fashion business management. Hence, choosing a reliable college can ensure you get the best placement opportunities and a global platform to showcase your caliber.

JD School of Design is one such institution in India that offers innovative courses to interested students. Are you one of them? Explore the fashion management courses and give wings to your creativity!