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Fashion business and fashion management are career directions that one can opt for after bachelors. Fashion business management is a combination of the industry of fashion with the business industry, which can lead to transformations in the business aspects of fashion and design. A fashion business course creates new opportunities in the field of fashion as well as design. With the business and design worlds rapidly digitizing and growing multifold over a very short time, studying fashion management ensures your position in the market and provides you with the knowledge to maintain and enhance your brand.

Read ahead to understand what encompasses this field, how it can help you evolve as a part of the fashion industry, and how you can become a part of one of the best fashion business management courses in India.

What is fashion management?

Fashion management is a procedure of creating a brand image for your fashion house or yourself as a designer. A manager in fashion retail is also responsible for marketing, merchandising, and the retail selling of fashion products.

Any business which is created with the help of fashion products becomes a fashion brand or a fashion business. The organisation, planning, and promotion of this business come under the umbrella head of fashion management.

You may self-teach yourself in fashion management, which will take several years of experience. As an option for speed-tracking the process and allowing better benefits for your business, you may join a fashion business management course from one of the top design colleges in the country.

Fashion Business Course Structure

A fashion business management major takes you through the necessary subjects required for you to run a brand successfully as a designer. The overall structure, or contents, of a fashion management course, includes:

  • An integration of theory and practice in creative designing – understanding the nuances of fashion design from conceptualization to execution and presentation
  • Understanding the contemporary context of the fashion industry
  • External projects and presentations for leadership skills and teamwork experience
  • Entrepreneurial and marketing lessons
  • Understanding fashion as a phenomenon – its history, cultural significance, and social parameters
  • Fashion-based learning in pattern making, textile & surface manipulation, fashion illustration, and garment construction – which is required to curate a fashion collection
  • Research that challenges the role of fashion regionally, globally, and in the current climate
  • Allowing students to formulate forecasts and interpret upcoming fashion trends by understanding what influences the fashion industry and its businesses – trend analysis, brand identity, and management skills
  • Development of digital skills

Getting admitted to a Fashion Business Course

A fashion management course creates several career opportunities in fashion industry. To get into some of the best colleges for fashion business management, the guidelines that you may follow are:

  • Acquiring a graduate degree in any field – preferably in fashion design (or any other form of design)
  • Some work experience in either the fields of fashion or business
  • Direct application through the institute or the university’s website
  • A portfolio of design projects and case studies may give you an edge over other applicants

Across a two-year course on fashion design and business management, the first year covers subjects on fashion design, while the second year covers research, dissertation, and subjects on business management.

Working as a Fashion Business Manager

The work of a fashion manager covers the entrepreneurial portion of creating a fashion brand. This consists of fashion thinking, fabric processes, illustration, garment construction, trend analysis, the creation of a brand identity, management skills, and consumer relations.

You may or may not be the primary designer of the fashion brand you are managing. However, you will be constantly involved in the design process in both cases. Some of the characteristics that a business manager within the fashion industry hold, which are common throughout, are:

  • Awareness of current trends and developments in the sector
  • Organization skills
  • Understanding of design practices
  • Research skills
  • Commercial framework understanding
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Project management skills
  • Decision making
  • Understanding the fashion industry cycle – product development to the consumer reading
  • Analytic skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Business awareness

  How Do I Get Into A Fashion Business Course

Concluding words

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Going for a Fashion business course is a great opportunity to help you combine the fields of business and design, and it holds a variety of careers in fashion industry for students who are actually enthusiastic. With an increase in the number of influential designers, brands, companies, and houses, the need for fashion managers and branding agents has increased multifold.

To step into the field of fashion management, the correct first step would be to gain knowledge and experience in the field of fashion business. So, why not choose a 2-year PG diploma in Fashion Design and Business Management from JD School of Design? This course acquaints you with the creative and technical sides of the fashion industry and teaches you to build a brand from a creative field.

So, enroll in a diploma in Fashion Design and Business Management, and see your career in fashion grow by leaps and bounds!