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Guest Lecture by Lakshmi Satish guest lecture by lakshmi satish - GUEST LECTURE BY LAKSHMI SATISH - GUEST LECTURE BY LAKSHMI SATISH

Guest Lecture by Lakshmi Satish

Our constant endeavor is to deliver good education and also to ensure that the students are exposed to the industry through various visits and talks.

This time at INTERIOR DEPARTMENT we had a Guest Lecture by Lakshmi Satish, The Founder of CUBS, she is an Electronics & Communication Engineer from Madras University with an MS in Bioengineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She had been working for Diagnostic & Pharmaceutical companies for 8 years after which she decided it’s time to pursue a childhood hobby and a passion of hers – home interiors. Besides her passion and love for the subject, she has no formal degree in interior design or architecture. She comes under the same category of artistic/home decorators that CUBS projects.

Guest Lecture by Lakshmi Satish guest lecture by lakshmi satish - GUEST LECTURE BY LAKSHMI SATISH 768x1024 - GUEST LECTURE BY LAKSHMI SATISH
The purpose of the Guest Lecture by Lakshmi Satish was to have a healthy interaction with the students and make them understand the way people approach interior design. Everyone can aspire to have a beautiful home.  This is what Ms. Lakshmi Satish had to say, “We want to enlist the next generation of designers in our endeavor. We believe the next generation will come with fresher ideas, newer approaches and look at this from a different perspective. For CUBS, engaging new talent will propel us along our growth path. This is essentially a business of new ideas, and the more innovation and creativity, the better it is for everyone. CUBS hope to explore new frontiers with the next generation of talent. For the students, it is an opportunity to work as a designer (register with CUBS) in a creative and fun environment or take up summer intern opportunities on specific projects (in marketing or operations). This is still an evolving area, and for the motivated student, the opportunity to take up small projects on specific aspects of the company strategy always exist. Earn money and do something you love! “.


Guest Lecture by Lakshmi Satish…!