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Jediiians Visit Gandhi Krishi Vigyana Kendra

A study tour was scheduled for Jediiians pursuing their Masters and PG Diploma in Interior Design, prior to the completion of the Landscape Design module that deals with the importance of introducing the living greens in the enclosed spaces for the well-being of the users. The module covers the various types of natural landscapes and landforms, plant selection, history of gardens, sustainability, Landscape components, design fundamentals, physical requirements, and services.  

The Interior Design aspirants got the first hand information from Gandhi Krishi Vigyana Kendra’s department of NSP research, working expert Dr. Rajitha, showed the different low-irrigation methods adapted, hydroponics and soil-less plantation, which can be implemented in the futuristic interior landscape design in residential and commercial projects. Also, from the horticulture research cell, DR. Karthik explained and showed the various ornamental and floricultural plant species, explaining their botanical names, common names and light intensity required for the healthy growth of these plants.  

GKVK is one of the campus and administrative headquarters of University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), which received assent of the President of India on 25th May 1963 to become the Law. The CM granted 1300 acres to Gandhi Krishi Vigyana Kendra Campus. The college was started in the year 1946 and became a constituent college of UAS, Bangalore in 1964.

Interior Design aspirants enjoyed the interactions with experts and actual experience with the live environment amongst the huge campus, walks on long roads, created jungles, planned plantations and nature colors spread across with the other living ecosystems that existed. 

GKVK’s Agricultural Museum was also one of the good knowledgeable experiences for the students. The display was very interesting depicting the agricultural history, dynamic present and predicted future about the Karnataka state’s rural and urban scenarios.

The 4 hours of tour proved beneficial to the students in understanding the various horticultural plants in Light intensity, low irrigation technology and hydroponics, which is required for the indoor plants. 

As interior designers, they should be able to renovate and suggest the changes on the designs of an Architect and construction details which are essential for the healthy living of the users, in correlation and sync with nature. Present Interior concept of potted plants is just a beginning, and this niche of design required mature and revolutionary creative ideas for the futuristic designs.

Jediiians Visit Gandhi Krishi Vigyana Kendra

Jediiians Visit Gandhi Krishi Vigyana Kendra

Jediiians Visit Gandhi Krishi Vigyana Kendra