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So, you are all set to start your journey as a professional hair stylist. You have received some training, handled a few clients and even pulled off some marvellous looks. But, you are conflicted about the hair styling tools you need in your kit. More specifically, how do you decide which ones to include? Well, you are in luck!
This article looks at a few essential accessories you need in your line of work. Even better, all the tools listed below are versatile and can help create any specific look.
Let’s jump right in!

Tools of the Trade

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If knowledge and expertise are the foundation of a craft, tools and accessories are the channels that help convey them. That said, here are 7 essential hair styling tools that you should consider keeping in your kit:

1. An All-Purpose Shear

A staple in every hair styling kit, an all-purpose shear is the most versatile tool you can own. Now, standard 5.5-inch shears are ideal for making precision cuts. On the other hand, a longer variant, ranging from 6 to 7 inches, will help with texturizing, compressed cutting or removing large sections of hair.
In addition, longer shears will significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to do a scissor-over-comb or one-length bobs.
For the best possible results, it would be wise to choose a shear that is around 6 to 6.5 inches. That way, it is large enough to handle long sections and suitable for layering techniques and general hair care.

2. Blending Shears

Counted among the best hair styling tools, blending shears are well-suited to remove volume and soften or control texture. Also known as a thinning shear, these accessories have evenly spread-out teeth on one blade and a blunt edge on the other.
Still, when considering your choices, look for ones that have convex blades with opposing grip handles. This will noticeably reduce the strain on your hands, allowing you to continue your work without much hindrance.
As an added benefit, the convex edges will help you control the volume you reduce while aiding with soft line removal, texturizing and adjusting overall hair weight.

3. A Powerful Blow-Dryer

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Next to all-purpose and blending shears, a blow-dryer is one of the most critical hairdressing tools. However, be mindful of the model you want to purchase.
For one, it should be light enough to carry in your hairdressing kit and work with without too much trouble.
Second, the model must be designed with the latest in ionic technology. This will ensure a powerful airflow while speeding up drying time. In addition, if you invest in a decent blow-dryer, you will leave your client’s hair frizz-free and limit the damage to the hair follicles.

4. Paddle Brushes

Hair texture and volume differ significantly across individuals. And that is precisely why you will need a paddle brush in your hair styling tools kit.
These hair styling accessories are perfect for quickly detangling knots. But there’s more to them. In fact, almost all professional stylists use such brushes to flat-wrap or pad out the overall volume, a crucial requirement when it comes to current hair trends.
Moreover, since it has a wide, rectangular surface, a paddle brush can help create tension during the blow-drying process, speeding it up. Ideally, you would want to look for ones with a soft base and nylon bristles. It would be even better if the tips are infused with tourmaline. That will help you keep a client’s hair frizz-free.

5. Curling Irons

Curling irons are perhaps one of the most understated hair styling tools. However, any professional stylist will tell you how vital they are to creating a wide range of looks.
To begin with, you can opt for a 1-inch curling iron. That alone will be versatile enough and let you exercise multiple techniques without significant limitations. For instance, the barrel in such variants will be large enough to avoid undesirable ringlets while delivering organic or smooth waves.
Nonetheless, larger models will work equally well. Just go for one that gives you a good amount of range and control when it comes to specific looks.

6. A Set of Combs

Out of all the professional hair styling tools you will come across, nothing will make your work easier than a complete set of combs. The essentials in this regard would be a tail comb and ones that help with short, long and wide cutting.
There is no need to go overboard here with colours or fancy designs. Stick to a basic set if you are starting out. Also, it would be best if the combs are made of carbon fibre, graphite or silicone. These materials provide the smoothest flow and are incredibly resistant to heat.
A little-known secret among more experienced stylists is to purchase two sets, one dark and one light. Then, use the darker set for lighter hair tones and vice-versa. This will give the best visual contrast and make it easier for you to see the cutting lines.

7. Sectioning Clips

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Last but not least, in this hair styling tools list, are sectioning clips. These accessories will provide the necessary grip when you need to isolate specific sections during wet or dry cuts. Even so, it is advisable to search for ones that offer the maximum grip without leaving any marks. This is especially helpful when creating more complex styles.
That is why a set of dry sectioning clips would be the best option here. These work equally well on wet hair and help minimize lines and creases.

Wrapping Up

Knowing which hair styling tools to include in your kit can help ease your work. However, if you wish to build on your knowledge and become familiar with more advanced techniques, why not opt for a diploma in makeup and hairstyle artistry from the JD Institute of Fashion Technology?
A 6-week course, the programme encourages students to experiment with creative looks and curate their own approach to hair styling while educating them on current market trends and challenges.
Why wait? Enrol today to start pursuing what you love!