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Highlights in the Day Of Event Planner thumbnail day of event planner - Highlights in the Day Of Event Planner thumbnail - Highlights in the Day Of Event Planner

Event Planning is one of those professions where the person gets to try their hand at something new each day. Each event a planner puts together can differ greatly from the last. Due to the lack of monotony, no day of event planner is the same. This is one of the biggest reasons why it has become the top choice for youngsters with creative minds.

However, this got us to wonder: if there weren’t any typical days, how could we effectively describe a “typical” day in the life of an event manager?

A day in the Life of  an Event Planner

We have gathered this idea after reading about many event planners and how their day starts and ends. This is a rendition of a typical day in an event planner’s life.

1. 8:00 am- Wake up

The first is to wake up your brain, brush your teeth and grab a cup of coffee. Start by checking your email and messages on your phone. This will help you plan your day and prioritize your work. The to-do lists are a great way to organise your day.

2. 9:30 am- Meetings with potential clients

Start the day meeting with potential clients. Keeping these meetings at the start of the day has a few perks. You will be energised to dive into the conversation, it gives the client the idea that they are a priority. Make sure you are aware of their needs and wants. Listen to their ideas, note them down and give your opinions.

Highlights in the Day Of Event Planner (1) day of event planner - Highlights in the Day Of Event Planner 1 1 - Highlights in the Day Of Event Planner

3.10:30 am- Meetings with existing clients

Typically, an event planner will be organizing multiple events simultaneously. Multitasking and meticulously recording dates and timings are key.

You could need to contact a caterer, florist, hotel, event venue, AV provider, speaker, and other vendors, partners, and suppliers in a single day. You will need to visit the place as the big day approaches to confirm that everything appears to be in order and is being set up properly.

4.12:30 pm- Break Time

Grab a good lunch and eat peacefully. But not every day you can take a break, some days a lunch meeting could be with clients. It is important to be in contact with the clients continuously and share the progress of your event planning.

5. 2:00 pm- Calls and Site Visits

In the life of an event planner, throughout the day, they will be bogged down by calls. Occasionally they might have to visit sites and meet with florists, caterers and others to personally make sure that everything is going according to plan.

6. 6:00 pm- Wrap Up

Well, a wrap-up by 6 doesn’t always come under event planner duties and responsibilities. Somedays, it will mean the end of your day, but most of the time, these times are when the actual events start, and it’s just the beginning of your work.

Highlights in the Day Of Event Planner (1) day of event planner - Highlights in the Day Of Event Planner 1 - Highlights in the Day Of Event Planner

Consequently, make sure to check the food, table settings, and microphones. Don’t forget the cleanup either; hire a cleaning service or ask a member of your staff to handle it themselves.  It is one of the essential aspects of how to become an event planner. The room must remain in the same condition as when you entered for you to go.

Not your usual 9 to 5 career, event organizing is a flexible profession. It usually takes place on weekends and late evenings. But you get to participate in a world that allows your imagination to soar.

What is an Event Planner Job Description?

Event Planner Job requires you to be in charge of managing all of the moving elements involved in making sure events run properly, such as selecting locations, catering services, and hiring entertainers.

Highlights in the Day Of Event Planner (2) day of event planner - Highlights in the Day Of Event Planner 2 - Highlights in the Day Of Event Planner

If you are an event planner in the event industry, your roles and responsibilities would look something like this:

  • Understanding the conditions and concentrating on minor details
  • Relate to the client’s needs and wants
  • Plan and organise events, keeping the budget in mind
  • Book venues ahead of time
  • Keep in touch with clients and keep them informed about the progress
  • Compare different vendors to get the best price
  • Hire and train volunteers
  • Offer solutions to problems on time

The event planners earn a pretty decent living; according to Ambition Box, they earn around 4 LPA to 10 LPA annually according to experience and qualifications.

What are the Kinds of Events that Event Managers Host?

One of the great things about this career is that you get to try your hands at various works and with different people. Event types can be categorised into corporate events, private events or charity events. But if we make a list of the events that event planners organise are:

  • Conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Product Launches
  • Seminars
  • Company Parties
  • Corporate off-sites

Final Thoughts

The final thoughts are that a day of event planner is mostly hectic but never monotonous. If you think that you can handle a day in the life of an event planner, it could be your calling. JD institute of fashion technology has a 1-year Diploma course in Event Management. You are eligible for the course if you have passed 10th Standard or +2 Graduation of any system.