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How to choose the right course and college?

Need help choosing the right college and course? The number of exams you had to write, all the physics and maths formulae are no help in choosing your career? We know it’s no easy task to decide what you will be good at and what feels right for you when you have limited experience exploring your skillset.

What do I do after 12th? – You have just completed 12th and think you are just about done with endless hours of studying, burning the midnight oil and writing an endless series of exams in school, every competitive exam that every relative suggests over a phone call. You just want to get an admission in a college and begin all the peachy, flowery dreams of a college life that movies have promised you since you were a little kid. Well, here’s the truth. It’s no walk in the park.

You have tough choices ahead of you deciding a career, a well-paying career that rewards you with growth and good pay. The career you choose, you are going to have to love it, it needs to use your skill set, it needs to let you explore and grow as an individual and as a professional later on. Half-baked ideas and peer group pressure is not the way to go. It’s a personal choice that reflects and builds on who you are, your likes, your dislikes, your comfort, your sense of adventure.

1. Research, Research & more Research – All you need is patience and due diligence to get through the million different options that you have in front of you. Explore all industries and each of its sectors. Map out your options. Google is your new best friend. Explore what you like, explore and research every little aspect you think you are good with, it doesn’t matter if it looks trivial to others. For example: If you think you will develop a good skill set to pursue arts and have a creative flair, explore design.

JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers Diploma, BVA degree, Degree, Advanced diploma, Master Degree in several design courses across industries in Fashion Designing, Fashion Communication, Interior designing, Jewellery designing, Product designing, Graphic designing, Photography. How to choose the right course and college?

2. Learn and understand – Learn as much as you can about the course before choosing a college. Learn the difference between a diploma and a diploma. Explore the options and choose what works for you. Which courses will help you set up a career that you need? Understanding the course goes a long way to setting up your first step into creating a flourishing career for yourself later on. If you are interested in checking out courses in Fashion Designing, Interior designing or Graphic designing or some of the newest additions in Photography, check out our website and reach out to us for any questions or queries.

How to choose the right course and college?3. Weigh the Pros & Cons – The research isn’t your last step. It’s just the beginning of the process but take heart, you’ve started the process. What do you think you will be best at? Weigh the pros and cons of each and list them out. If you consider designing as a viable course for you. There are several different options available for you.

4. Don’t get into peer pressure – The country has more engineers than it needs and no one has a clue of how to employ the excess. Learn the demand and supply. Map out your likes and dislikes. Choose what you think you would grow into, that is most appropriate to your skill set. Discuss your options and pay attention to learn about the profession and then choose the appropriate course and college. Not the other way around.

5. University Affiliations – Research about the university affiliations of the college you choose. Standalone colleges are limited in their resources and networking capabilities. To find the right footing in any industry, your choice of course in a college must have university affiliations that would enable you to reach out and be a part of a nation-wide network that is limitless in its resources and networking for a smooth transition from college to career.

Every course and college of JD Institute of Fashion Technology issues accredited certificates. It gives you an edge of Pan-India network and seasoned alumni for a good foothold in the Fashion industry.How to choose the right course and college?

6. Connect straight to the source – Don’t be afraid of reaching out to professionals in the corresponding industries and sectors for a learned opinion. Most senior professionals will appreciate the prudent approach and would be happy to help you out. The learned opinion has value and trust because it comes from experience not from a YouTube binge and it has no middle men that you might not trust.

Now that you have the choice of course and college that ticks all your little boxes. You need a few ticks on their sheet. Check the entry requirements, give them a call or walk-in and discuss your options

How to choose the right course and college?