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Indian Retro looks – A Fashion comeback!

Fashion industry constantly evolves and the last five decades of the 20th-century are what most of us in the current generation call the classics. The evergreen cuts of 50s, 60s and so on. The bandanas, beehive hairstyles and winged eyeliners, the classics are making a strong comeback with just a touch of the modern-day fashion and styling. The elegance of the retro trends makes a stunning comeback in the 21st century. The present-day fashionistas draw much of the inspiration from the class and charm of the classics.


Indian Retro looks – A Fashion comeback!

Movies and pop culture often fashion the classics keeping the love for the retro look alive. The classics never truly go out of style and never falls out of favour with the general public. The retro looks are not limited to vintage dress-ups for quirky parties. The classics are called classics for a reason. The charm, the elegance, the sprightful, the demure, there’s a whole world of classics yet to be explored, yet to be worn. Here are some old-world retro looks for you to explore and experiment with, from India and abroad!

Indian Retro looks – A Fashion comeback!Scarves & Stoles

Let’s start small. Scarves and stoles are a good place to start. The bright multicoloured crepe phulkari stoles and scarves are true classics that bring out the old-world charm and loads of fun to your outfit. You don’t need to go out of your way to sport this look, just any good scarves or stoles in your wardrobe is enough to be styled to perfect a retro look with any of your outfits.

Indian Retro looks – A Fashion comeback!Maxi dresses 

Full length colourful and vibrant maxi dresses are a great way for a nod towards sporting full on retro looks. The maxi dresses are making an amazing comeback. If you want to tone down the retro look a little to blend in, try on a complimenting pair of sneakers that will be perfect for the look.

Polka dots 

Polka dots are so reminiscent of the classic fashion that boomed in the 70s. Perfect your retro look with anything Polka dots. Tops, skirts, dresses, even sarees and many more, the choices and possibilities are endless. The clothing range does not just evoke the nostalgia of the true classics, it also instantly recognisable as one of the classic pieces of fashion.

Indian Retro looks – A Fashion comeback!Bellbottom pants 

What’s more than a pair of bellbottom pants? The flaring pants were so popular back in the day that everyone wore it. Quite literally. It was one of the most common fashion trends of the 80s. I am sure if you ruffled through some old picture albums of your parents or grandparents, you are sure to find people wearing the fancy bell bottom pants. So, try on those bellbottom pants in all of the vibrant hues and fancy an escape to an eccentric outdoor party.

Plain Chiffon

If that does not remind every one of us with some heroine running in a field of flowers. Quite unfortunately, you did not grow up watching Bollywood movies or any Indian movies for that matter. Plain chiffon sarees reigned supreme in our country irrespective of the diverse culture or location.

Everyone collectively fell in love and adored the smooth, shiny, free flowing luxury of chiffon. Try draping the luxurious smoothness of chiffon and float through your next outing or occasion. We will be very surprised if you don’t attract all the adoring glances of the party.

Closed necklines

The demure closed necklines of centuries past might not be in style now but the allure still exists for the classic necklines. The shy and modest necklines have evolved far from being paired with just sarees. To pull off a classic retro look with closed neckline, pair it well exuberant junk jewellery or the classic jewellery designs with a handloom work of art.

Fun puffy sleeves 

There’s an endless galore of fun to had with exploring and experimenting with sleeves that were popular back in the day. From flutter sleeves to fluffed balloon sleeves, the options are wide and varied to experiment with your regular everyday outfit to a call back for a retro look. These super fun range of sleeves pair with everything. You name it, the sleeves will find a fit. Formal suits, summer dresses, regular tops, sarees and more.

Vintage Lace

Vintage, classics and absolute pure elegance is all things lace. The lace has always been in style that has been alive and thriving in the fashion industry. But, the utter image of grace and sophistication is captured perfectly in the fold of intricate patterns. Lace exudes the charm of the old-world. Party wear, Lingerie to even shoes, the choices are diverse. Explore and bring on the retro look.