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Graphic Eye Makeup is one of the top makeup routines trending this season. The sharp black winged eyeliner trend has now become the new basic with floating lines, ensnaring colours and streaks of glitter dominate the eyes this season. The streak, the colours and the glitters merge to bring alluring sparkle of the eyes to life. The Euphoria TV series brought this graphic

Fashion industry constantly evolves and the last five decades of the 20th-century are what most of us in the current generation call the classics. The evergreen cuts of 50s, 60s and so on. The bandanas, beehive hairstyles and winged eyeliners, the classics are making a strong comeback with just a touch of the modern-day fashion and styling. The elegance of the retro trends

Jackets for men never run out of style and can be used for various occasions from casual to formal. Men all over the world love their jackets, and will definitely have one standard that they wear everywhere. Persistently, these top 5 jackets are the ones that are most popular: 1. Leather Jacket A leather jacket is the perfect addition to any style whether it’s classic

Being a fashion enthusiast, I have always been very intrigued to know about the various nuances of Fashion, be it designing or styling. I have always believed that, the more you are passionate about something, the more life gives you opportunities to fulfill them. One such thing was what JD Institute of Fashion Technology gave me - JD Imagination Journey 2020 was all