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JD Institute of Fashion Technology and JD School of Design Are All Set To Participate in JD Design Awards 2022


Bangalore, 2022: JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore and JD School of Design are pleased to announce their participation in the upcoming JD Design Awards 2022. The Award event has a long legacy  and provides a platform to the design community. Both the institutes predominantly work in the design domain and find it as a startling opportunity for their students.

When the pandemic hit the world in the year 2020, to safeguard the health of the population, JD Design Awards took a back seat and put its enthralling, annual show on hold. After a gap of two years, the show is back and is all set to celebrate the design and its development.

JD Institute and School of Design find this opportunity to showcase the work of their aspiring designers who through unparalleled mentorship, classroom training, practical knowledge and rigorous pedagogy are ready to enter the field of passion and change. In this grand event 70+ groups of designers from Fashion, Jewelry and Interior are participating with one theme “Sync”.

The theme had been given by the JDDA board members who do not see designers as mere artists but changemakers. Keeping in mind that the world is in adversity and if not taken care now, there won’t be a planet for the future generation, the theme is about innovation and futuristic design taking inspiration from our environment and aiding its health.

To excel the theme and bring eye-opening designs for curing the Earth and solving the numerous problems, the students of both the institutes diligently worked. They did not treat it as a project but a pathway endorsing change in the lifestyle of human beings. The students, through their design works over fabric, jewelry pieces, interior space and more, are trying to make a statement that reaches the mass and make them aware of the situation. They have put on futuristic glasses, curating fabric out of Kombucha, discarded electric wire, bamboo, hemp and what not.

Moving ahead, the future jewelry designers are going sustainable. As some students are opting for sustainable gemstones and designs inspired by nature, a few are going for accessories made of wood, areca nut and coconut shards. Moreover, the interior design aspirants with their spatial knowledge are creating futuristic models that draw inspiration from nature as well as aid it for a bright and better future.

“Our students took up the challenge well. Sync is not only about establishing a lost connection with nature but to work around it without harming it. It is about equality where no being and object is treated less. Taking the essence of the word, interdepartmental collaboration was also allowed with an ultimate aim of presenting an inspiring design during JDDA 2022. The students went through a rigorous routine working on their concepts and giving life to it. They utilized their learning and with determination reached the crossroad where design meets the world and fuses with it. Witnessing them work around the clock with their mentors always there to support and help, made us all proud and showcased us the result of right guidance and global curriculum.”

“We are extremely thankful to the grandeur platform of JDDA that channels the talent of the designers and brings them face to face with the world. It serves as an opportunity for those with creative bend and encourages them to pursue their passion, making a name for themselves with their unmatchable work.”

JD Institute of Fashion Technology and JD School of Design takes immense pride in the astute work of their students. The remarkable designs curated by the young minds is an exhibit of the curriculum of institutes. Both the colleges aim to raise responsible designers through classroom training, Industrial exposure, practical approach and more.

About JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore:

JD Institute of Fashion Technology was started with an aim to serve the design field. With its impeccable legacy of 33 years, the institute has given the industry some of the great luminaries and has inculcated the habit of design practice that thrives on uniqueness, novelty and sustainability. With the same determination, JD Institute of Fashion Technology has also introduced JD School of Design. The institute with its new offering is not only looking forward to help the students understand the intricacies of the various design fields and perform well in their academics but also provide them with the right knowledge to propel their careers in various domains.

Website: https://www.jdinstitute.edu.in/

About JD School of Design:

JD School of Design powered by JD Institute of Fashion Technology aims to bring world class education to aspiring designers with the framework of exploration into various creative collaborations in the field of Art and Design. The school stands out among the many with its quality of academic programs along with the close student-mentor engagement, research and creative programs, project based learning, state of the art technology and delivery facilities, and the affiliation with Bangalore Central University.

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