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international styling project - International Styling Project - International Styling Project

The Beginning of 2019 could not have been better than starting an International tour in London. 13 promising Jediiians came together to show their creativity and imagination in London. Studying in London College of Fashion, UAL has been a dream of many aspiring stylists, and JD has provided a platform to fulfil their dreams. The close association of JD Institute and London College of Fashion has provided a dynamic opportunity to the creative lot to explore their hands in Fashion Styling.

The aspirants had explored styling in various directions, and worked closely with International Tutors, models, professional photographers, makeup artists to make the Styling Project successful. The budding stylists explored their hands in Fashion Media Styling, in which they were exposed to commercial and editorial styling. The students also were given an opportunity to choose from either of the categories and work around their final looks. Right from Inspiration Identification to research, brainstorming, mood board development, sourcing, etc, students were indulged in various stages to get their final look right for their first-ever International Portfolio.

The theme of the shoot was Festivals. Students identified various elements to incorporate in their look. Students worked around various music, dance, sports, and art, religious, film festivals like Coachella, Tomorrowland, Brazilian Carnival, St. Patrik Festival, a world sacred spirit festival, Kickback Show, etc.  While one of the looks had splashes of radium and elements of funky futurism, the other student’s look was inspired by her passion for dance and had styled her model in an embellished flowing ensemble with deadlocks inspired by Lord Shiva to attend world’s sacred spirit festival.

Overall the students had a great time right from preparing for the shoot to the shoot day. The entire process of their styling project was not only a memory to take home but an experience to understand their interests and a kick-start introduction to the whole new world of styling. Arpitha Shamanur, Anisha Tharika, Payal Gulati, Lakshmi Ambarish, Adithya Suresh Babu Bharadwaj, Bhoomika Gowdagere Nanjarajaiah, Balaji Jayaraman, Pavan Kumar Pampapathi, are wished well for their careers in styling.

Stylist: Balaji (2-Year Diploma, Fashion Business Management Student)

Balaji enjoys the luxurious world and he has portrayed that through his style. The seamless transition of the fur texture into subtle glitter and then a touch of matt is all that one can ask for. The stylist’s love for contrast has made him go for a high fashion look. He chooses a leopard print voluminous fur jacket with a turtle neck greyish shimmery fitted top. The solid semi A-line mini skirt that the stylist gives add equilibrium to the entire look. Balaji gives a decorated black eye mask to complete the mysterious look. He keeps the hair simple and tidy. He adds shine through earrings as well. For the footwear, Balaji adds sparky silver cross strapped pencil heels. The black lips add a touch of a glance. He assumes his client to walk-in to a masquerade event where there can be a little dance, drama, mystery and a rich crowd.

Stylist: Bhoomika GN

Bhoomika believes in expressing her emotions through dance hence portrays the term “movement and flow” through the soft flowing skirt. The highly embellished deep neck lined bodysuit adds attention to her look just like when she dances on stage, she gets attention. The makeup is dramatized to depict the element of drama which is required during a dance performance. The overall look has an essence of lord Shiva and Bhoomika would want her client to attend world’s sacred spirit festival styled in a manner like above.

Stylist Name: Payal Gulati (JD Institute Bangalore)

It was a girlish biker look that the stylist created spontaneously. She imagined a client who would attend kickback show while wearing these. To complete the look, she paired up high length velvet boots with a black lace bra which added a dash of seduction and boldness. She is reminded of the scenes from Fast and Furious and considers her client to attend a Bike or Car festival/carnival. She adds a black leather jacket with a dark lip shade to complete the look.

Stylist: Pavan Kumar P

The Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival as one of the events to draw inspiration to create a look for his clients. A vibrant mix of radium’s is balanced against the dominating black ground. The splashes of colours glow in the dark and create brightness. He gives comfortable sports shoes which have a slight touch of neon orange. On the top Pavan gives a structured top which he sources from Cyber dog. The joggers are loose and have neon green detailing around the waist and pockets. He gives leather wrist bands, geometrical earrings, and a statement ring. The hair is styled in neat sections and is the best way to go out and enjoy. The round sunglasses are best suited for day time and it balances with the structured shoulder details.

Stylist Name: – Nikita Reddy (JD Institute Bangalore)

Nikita for her first fashion shoot is inspired by spiritual Reiki which is a nonphysical form of healing and is guided by energy. Nikita associate’s peace with the color blue. As reiki helps in boosting confidence, she gives bold chains over the neck as an element of strength. The blue lips speak of courage and nude eyes a sense of simplicity, the stylist tries creating balance over the face through makeup. As Nikita gives checked pantsuit to the model, the outfit has an edge of sportiness through the woven tape detail running over the sides of the trouser and pitch white.

Stylist: Lakshmi Ambrish (JD Institute Bangalore)

Lakshmi who herself is free-spirited chooses a look for Coachella Music Festival. She pairs a white loose cotton shirt with a sleek black textured belt that can be adjusted as per the client’s comfort. As the stylist assumes that her client would be interested in dancing, she adds sports bra with high waisted pantyhose to go with her jump, joy and kill attitude. Lakshmi suggests that her client should go for comfortable sneakers with calf-length socks. An interesting black and white color combination are chosen with an accent of olive-green detail on the sleeves to break the monotony. Silver foiled lips add a statement to her look. The bum bag adds functionality and style to the entire look.

Stylist: Adithya Bhardwaj (JD Institute, Bangalore)

The stylist was inspired by nature and its elements. He has matched symmetrically with the asymmetrical cuts together. The look has a variety of prints with an oversized denim jacket on top. The designer has added a turtle neck full sleeved woollen top with an asymmetrical geometric and floral printed asymmetrical crepe skirt. The stylists have given metallic earrings, crystals to add bling. The black quilted sling goes well with the black heels and Adithya adds sunglasses to complete the look. The look can go well for clients walking in Fashion/Art and Design Festivals.

Stylist: Anisha Tharika (JD Institute, Bangalore)

Anisha, a creative gem chooses Christmas as the festival to go ahead for her first-ever fashion shoot. She styles her model in an open-top having sequins embellishment in an animal printed form. The colours are monochromatic and perfect for an evening event. She pairs the top with black coloured high elastin shorts which fits the body well. Overall the look is subtle, sexy and a little wild. The high velvet black boots go well for the winter event. (https://www.newsoftwares.net/) Her young aged client would be absolutely comfortable in this look.

Stylist: Arpitha Shamanur (JD Institute, Bangalore)

Arpita’s quest to be bold and tough makes her choose leather as she wants to portray strength to the world. The yellow leather Poly leather jacket adds color and brightness to her look. The snap buttoned leather skirt is slightly A-lined which gives comfort to the wearer to walk. She relates the shimmery back open blouse to add quirkiness. The high leather knee-length, block heeled boots give is to give warmth to the wearer and holds the look altogether. Round sunglasses are paired with triangular studded earrings to go for the day style. Tied hair makes the look defined. The look is designed for a client walking down to the Cannes Shopping Festival in France.

International Styling Project