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Is Fashion Communication a Good Career Option in India (1)

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Fashion communication is an emerging branch of the fashion industry, which is creating much buzz lately. But, is fashion communication a good career? You may ask. The answer is it depends on your interests and talents. If new brands and innovations and the fashion industry, as a whole, attract your attention, then this might be the right career path for you.

If you wish to pursue a career in this field, you must first understand what is fashion communication. How it is relevant to the fashion industry and the types of fashion communication careers you can try.

In this blog, we will let you explore the A-Z of this discipline, the significance of a fashion communicator, and the top fashion communication job description to help you decide if this is your calling.

What is Fashion Communication?

As the fashion industry in India is growing considerably, it has given rise to new possibilities with fashion communication, which involves everything in fashion, from marketing and visual communication and public relations to fashion journalism, graphic design, event management and whatnot.

With a degree in fashion communication, you will learn the relevant verbal, written and audio-visual communication skills to offer communication solutions in the fashion and lifestyle industry. JD Institute of Design offers multiple fashion communication courses, including a PG in fashion communication and a diploma in fashion communication, that you can explore.

What is the role of Fashion Communicators in the Industry?

Fashion communication is an excellent career choice to expand your scope in the fashion and lifestyle industry. As a fashion communication specialist, you should be a swift thinker and constantly come up with new ideas while communicating with clients.Is Fashion Communication a Good Career Option in India (4)

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The fashion and lifestyle industry is a challenging one and with relevant communication skills, you should be able to convince customers about the credibility and usability of your fashion products and services. For that, you will also have to take care of your brand’s reputation with effective advertising, marketing, and public relations.

Career Options After a Fashion Communication Degree

If you wish to pursue a career in fashion communication, then you are in for a wide range of opportunities to choose from. These diverse opportunities also offer handsome compensation depending on your talent and experience. According to Glassdoor, fashion communication salary can be between 2.5 and 7 LPA.

Let us look into some of the most sought-after fashion communication career options that you can explore.

Fashion Photographer

Is Fashion Communication a Good Career Option in India (3)

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Fashion photographers are responsible for taking good pictures of models, clothes, accessories, etc., for brands to promote their products. They also work as freelancers who create portfolios for models highlighting their potential to help them acquire work.

Apart from just clicking pictures, they also develop concepts for photoshoots that can effectively convey their client’s ideas. To become a successful fashion photographer, you need to have adequate knowledge of fashion, cameras, lighting equipment, lenses, and more which you can learn about in a fashion communication course.

Fashion Journalist

Fashion journalists work for fashion magazines or freelance for their websites and write about the latest industrial trends, ongoing events, and more. They attend most fashion events and stay updated with all the happenings in the industry for creating engaging stories. As a fashion journalist, you should have substantial knowledge about the history of fashion, past trends, and emerging styles and techniques. Fashion bloggers, columnists, and fashion critics all come under the umbrella of fashion journalism.

Visual Merchandiser

Is Fashion Communication a Good Career Option in India (2)

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Visual merchandisers help brands put their best foot forward by arranging and presenting their products in a visually appealing manner. They use their creativity to lure customers to their designs and motivate them to buy those products. They may work at apparel showrooms or stores and dress up mannequins to display designer outfits with beautiful aesthetics.

Social Media Strategist

As the title suggests, social media strategists work for building a fashion brand’s online presence across various social media platforms.

Using their creative capabilities and communication skills, they develop high-quality online content, respond to public comments and messages and build the brand’s online reputation to boost sales. A social media strategist should have good knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and stay updated with the latest social media trends.

Fashion Consultant

A fashion consultant provides fashion advice to their clients. They recommend which clothes their clients should wear along with matching accessories to suit their personalities and aesthetics.

Using their communication skills, they understand their client’s requirements and provide customized opinions. Being a fashion consultant, you should have information about all the latest fashion trends and a good understanding of your client’s personality.

Event Manager

Event managers are responsible for planning and organising business and social events for their brands to increase their audiences and sales. They organise fashion shows, exhibitions and more, and take care of all facets of an event like venue, lighting, decorations, sound, seating, food and more to make them successful.

With their communication skills, they understand their client’s requirements for an event and negotiate with suppliers and contractors to execute the event within the budget.

PR Specialist

Public relations specialists take care of a brand’s public image and maintain a positive reputation by planning and executing effective media relations programs. Planning public appearances, crafting messages and speeches for clients, developing material for press releases, and helping clients avoid negative press are some of the responsibilities PR specialists take on.

Brand Manager

A brand manager’s job is somehow similar to PR specialists, they also help the brands to maintain a positive image. However, a major difference is that they are involved in strategising and executing the brand’s marketing drives to increase revenue and diminish expenses. They work closely with sales and finance teams, copywriters and social media teams to identify the target audiences, convey the brand’s values and build their overall identity.

Wrapping Up

Simply put, the fashion and lifestyle industry is a highly competitive one, where brands keep fighting for consumer attention and engagement. In such a chaotic world, fashion communicators streamline a brand’s identity and make them stand out.

So if you are still thinking “is fashion communication a good career” option in India, then the answer is yes! Understanding the significance and growing demand for fashion communication professionals, this can be your best career choice if you are passionate about it. Moreover, you can enrol in PG Diploma in fashion communication course offered by the JD School of Design, to learn the nitty-gritty of this field.