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Interior design is a promising and in-demand career option desired by many. With everyone looking to up their aesthetics game, there is consistent demand for talented professionals for these clients. But ‘Is enrolling for an interior design course my true calling?’ is a question that budding students often wonder. You, too, might be someone displaying the signs of a promising career in design but are yet to identify them. 

To help potential designers, here are a few signs you must look out for to understand if interior designing is your calling. 

A Quick View into the World of Interior Design 

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Interior designing concerns enhancing a building’s interior to make it more aesthetically pleasing and healthier for people. Designers study interior space to plan the perfect method of adding or removing elements and making it functional for occupants.  

Designers work on creating the intended emotion in occupants, from interior design for homes to designing spaces for corporates. Besides manual work, professionals often utilize efficient interior design software to automate some of their work. Notably, they are amongst the most in-demand professionals globally. 

But are there any telltale signs that can confirm if you have what it takes to be an in-demand designer? Let’s look directly into the signs. 

Signs That You Are Made for a Career in Interior Design 

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While designing is something anyone can excel at with guidance and practice, these signs still indicate the creator in you. 

1. An Eye for Details 

Designing involves working on elements and incorporating them to perfection. Subsequently, it is a good sign if you are fascinated with colours, patterns, lighting, and textures and have a good sense of what’s visually pleasing.  

2. Creativity 

Creativity involves using existing and provided elements to create the perfect outcome. Further, brainstorming interior design ideas requires immense creativity. For instance, do you love arranging things to make them look aesthetic? If the creativity bug already bites you, it’s a good sign of making a fruitful career in design. 

3. You Enjoy Working with Tools 

Upscaling and consistently exploring new design tools are significant to growing a professional designer. With the help of design tools, such as interior design 3d software, AutoDesk and Room Planner, you can go on to create some of the most beautiful and creative designs. 

4. Good Communication Skills 

Interior design is about more than just visualizing spaces in your mind. You must also be able to communicate your ideas in the most precise words possible. For instance, if you have imagined a horse-shaped teak-wood rocking chair, you must also ensure your client gets a clear picture. 

5. Keen Observation 

The leading designs in the world often draw inspiration from one common place, i.e., real-life observation. For instance, you could recreate the aesthetics of the riverside to create an appealing space for a yoga studio.  

6. Ability to Manage Deadlines 

With clients demanding quick drafts and last-moment changes, you must know how to keep a calm mind amidst the chaos. Who knows, you might also get to include the ‘Cool Designer’ tag in your interior design portfolio 

7. Willingness to Learn and Adapt to Trends 

A designer is consistently upgrading and upskilling to stay relevant in the industry. With newer inventions and changing customer demands, you must always be ready to learn and relearn. For instance, comprehending interior design trends 2023 can help you create better designs for the year. 

8. Knowledge of Arts and History 

Solid knowledge of arts and history can help you gain insights from some of the most valuable designs of all time. Further, these may help you develop newer designs of your own by understanding aesthetics better. 

9. Visualization Skills 

Does it happen to you that you sometimes enter a place, and the next thing you know is, your mind creating alternate designs? The table colour could have been brighter than it is now, and perhaps a little more space between the fountain and the table would look more pleasing. 

If you ever have these thoughts running in your mind, you indeed have a knack for interior design. 

10. Keeping up with trends 

Do you love browsing magazines and websites to look at the latest designs in the market? Following the trends and adapting them to your design plays a significant role in creating interior design. After all, who does not like to stay up to date? 

Giving Wings to Your Interior Design Career 

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There are limitless possibilities for a successful career in interior design. Given the increasing number of office spaces, townships, and homes worldwide, the demand for qualified and skilled interior designers is evergreen. This also means you cannot just enrol in another interior design course.  

The ideal program for you goes beyond the curriculum and gives direction to your aspirations, helping you plan for the future. This is why JD School of Design offers a BSc in Interior Design and Decoration at its Goa campus.  

Students at JDSD understand the significance of design in creating functional spaces and are encouraged to think outside the box. Besides, they are also well-versed in employing 2D and 3D modelling software to picture their creativity accurately. 

Further, the admission process for the design program is understandable and transparent. Any student who has completed their 12th with a minimum of 40% can apply. Further, you can be from any stream, science, commerce, arts, etc. 

The simplicity of the admission process indicates you can apply for an interior design qualification without breaking your head.  

Even if you are someone not displaying any of the above signs, this is your chance.  

There has never been a better time to pursue a career as a highly-paid interior designer. The first step towards becoming a leading interior designer is enrolling in the BSc in Interior Design and Decoration program at JD School of Design.