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Is Jewellery Designing a good career option?

Jewellery Designing as a career is a creative journey that helps aspirants to reach the crevices of their imagination to craft jewellery that helps to tell a story. This is a field to explore especially for someone who has an eye for detail, design, flair for the industry and a determination to succeed. Jewellery is an accessory that people have been using for many years and its demand will not diminish. It is used for many occasions and important functions. Consumers are always looking for something new and innovative, hence prospects for a jewellery designer are very bright.

The scope of jewellery designing is very vast and with a lot of opportunities in the market. Not just known jewellery brands, but every fashion label too has diversified into the business of jewellery. Apart from jewellery design, there are also certain prospects that have cropped up due to technological prowess, collaborations and exploration with different materials and techniques.

Is Jewellery Designing a good career option?

Delicate Jewellery

After the successful completion of a jewellery designing course one can look for varied opportunities. Jewellery designers can find work with well-known jewellery brands, gemstones grading or precious stones, in auction houses, illustrators, in 3D Printing, entrepreneurs, retail chains, jewellery manufacturers, bloggers etc.

Jewellery designing is not limited to just creating traditional forms of jewellery. One can explore working as a costume jewellery designer, contemporary jewellery designer, handmade jewellery designer, work with natural resources to craft jewellery etc. The knowledge gained through a well-curated course that is an amalgamation of theory and practice alongwith hands-on work experience is instrumental in being a well-rounded creative who can put this acquired expertise to practice and create new and exceptional designs.

Is Jewellery Designing a good career option?

Diamond Jewellery

Apart from being an entrepreneur, aspirants can also venture into freelance jewellery designing. When it comes to selling jewellery, in today’s times one does not have to own a brick and mortar store. Online business is catching up and the shift in the digital landscape has only made things easier if one wants to start something of their own.

Jewellery Designing is a rewarding career and should be explored by anyone who seeks to take on the path of being a jewellery designer. Enroll in the 3years BSc. in Jewellery Designing course in one of the best jewellery designing courses in Cochin.

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Is Jewellery Designing a good career option?