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JEDIIIANS for a fashion cause – Cloth swap event

Sustainability, Innovation and ethical fashion are the three parameters, that the students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology get moulded. The world is highly polluted because of the Garment Industry and the responsibility lies with every citizen. There is an extra effort which needs to done by the future designers, be it Fashion, Interior, Jewellery or any lifestyle, all must join hands for this cause.

We all have those clothes which we never wear or must have worn once, but we keep adding more to our wardrobe, subconsciously we are promoting carbon footprint. But there is a solution for this, Clothes Swap, a very popular concept of promoting slow fashion, where people can bring their used quality clothes and exchange it for others. Dhawal Mane, GFX Ambassador for Bangalore, took the initiative to organize the clothes swap event in Bangalore, JD Institute was in all support.

JEDIIIANS for a fashion cause

Global Fashion Exchange, an organization started to promote sustainability in the Fashion Industry through Cultural events, education and other forums. The clothes swap was a solution to save the environment but still making sure that there is no compromise in style.

The students of Fashion Design Course acted as volunteers for the entire event, giving the much-required support in promoting the slow fashion. It is important that the students participate in these kinds of causes because they are the future design thinkers and will be able to start movements to fight against fashion pollution. This motivates our students to prepare better for the JD Annual Design Awards, a major fashion event where students can showcase their garments and products in the line of Sustainable, innovative and ethical fashion.

JEDIIIANS for a fashion cause

Dhawal Mane, Global Fashion Exchange (GFX) Ambassador for Bangalore stated that “All students from JD Institute of Fashion technology, who participated in Bangalore’s largest clothes swap event were diligent and hard working. I hope with an early exposure to such alternative, upcoming models of clothing consumption, these students will shape a newer, better and more sustainable apparel Industry when they graduate”.

As an Institute, we always believe in providing for the future as it is said that 20% of the water pollution is caused by textile processing, its time to start acting and taking responsibility.

JEDIIIANS for a fashion causeJEDIIIANS for a fashion causeJEDIIIANS for a fashion causeJEDIIIANS for a fashion cause
JEDIIIANS for a fashion cause
JEDIIIANS for a fashion cause