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3 2 photo editing - 3 2 - Not Magic but Photoshop: Photo Editing

You see a beautiful scene and capture it with a camera. But the picture doesn’t come out exactly as you had imagined. Somehow, the colours do not pop as much, and charm seems to be lost. Photo editing is the perfect tool to help you in this situation. Photo editing removes unwanted objects from the background, pulls focus towards the subject, provides the correct feel to the image and makes the picture come alive. Various courses on interior designing and fashion design have started to include this as a part of the curriculum as they recognise the importance of photo editing in today’s world.

Importance of Photo Editing

Cameras are still trying to catch up to what our eyes can see. This is the reason why you may see a scene and imagine the photograph in your head, but it never turns out exactly that way when you click it.

Photo Editing photo editing - 1 2 - Not Magic but Photoshop: Photo Editing

Photo editing is the crucial final step in achieving high-quality pictures that convey what you are trying to communicate. From marketing to wedding photographs, everything requires a little retouching. Fashion photography needs editing to remove skin imperfections. Marketing photos need retouching to pull focus on the product. You can also use it to get the perfect lighting and contrast as you may not always be shooting in perfect lighting conditions.

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It is also increasingly being used to restore old photographs and prevent the memories from being lost forever. Editing wedding photographs helps in removing unwanted objects from the background, capture the right emotions and make the photographs truly memorable.

Art of Editing

Just like photography, editing is an art in itself. The editor needs to understand the vision of the photographer and capture the message that the photographer was trying to convey. Photo editing is a double-edged sword. It can create outstanding images if done well. However, over-editing the images or providing too much contrast or over-correction can make the images look unnatural. The trick is in finding the perfect balance that enhances the photo without losing its naturality.

3 2 photo editing - 3 2 1024x682 - Not Magic but Photoshop: Photo Editing

Over the years, photographers have realised the value of editing, and many have added this skill to their repertoire. Photoshop has become a must-have software for every photographer. Even the amateurs know the basics, such as adjusting the contrast and colour correction. A simple look at some of the before and after editing images is enough to convince anyone of its importance. There are many design courses offered by leading design institute that help you perfect this technique.

Master Photo Editing

How do you master this vital technique? JD Institute of Fashion Technology, South India’s No. 1 Private College, has recognised the magic that editing can do and has integrated it into the curriculum. JD institute offers a 3-month diploma in fashion photography course that will help you become a better fashion photographer by understanding key concepts such as visualisation, lighting, aesthetics, etc. The diploma in fashion photography places heavy emphasis on photo editing as well. This is the best course to improve your photography skills and become a part of the lucrative world of fashion photography.


Not Magic but Photoshop: Photo Editing