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Today, makeup is no less than a wide form of art itself. If you are into this artistic genre, you must have come across the debates surrounding regular makeup vs airbrush makeup. Airbrushing techniques have gained popularity over recent years, leaving traditional ways behind. But what is airbrush makeup, and how is it different from traditional makeup techniques? Well, for starters, the distinction arises in the methods of application. Thus, it is also followed by a difference in products used, results, and of course, preferences of individuals.

Unveil the methods to master the ways of makeup and prep using airbrush makeup products. Moreover, read on to find in-depth insights into the art of makeup and styling. But first, let’s begin by answering the basic question – what is airbrushing?

Defining Regular Makeup vs Airbrush Makeup

As the term ‘Airbrushing’ suggests, it is a technique that makes use of an airbrushing gun for applying makeup. An airbrush makeup application process differs from the traditional ways of makeup that use different brushes, blenders, sponges, or fingertips.

Regular Makeup vs Airbrush Makeup A Battle Between the Old and New (1)

In contrast to using brushes for applying makeup products, air spraying on the skin works more effectively. Misting makeup and colours on the face also makes the overall appearance smoother and lighter. The result of airbrush makeup before and after is flawlessly natural-looking skin throughout the day that doesn’t weigh down.

The key to an excellent airbrush makeup look is finding the right foundation shades that complement one’s skin tone. A small amount of this perfect shade with the right consistency would be sprayed on for a natural and long-lasting look.

However, in the realm of makeup, airbrush makeup is still an emerging technique that requires some professionalism. You must have a practised hand at operating an airbrush makeup kit and use the right composition of products.

Whilst facing tough competition from airbrushing techniques, traditional makeup is still strong in its game. Usually, everyone prefers traditional ways for daily makeup routines. Well, at the end of the day, it is all about picking the right makeup accessories and supplies for yourself. Mastering your preferred look can be easy with either regular or airbrushing makeup. All you need is the right makeup guidance tips and courses.

Differentiating Regular Makeup vs Airbrush Makeup

Regular Makeup vs Airbrush Makeup A Battle Between the Old and New (2)

When it comes to the differences between regular makeup vs airbrush makeup, the most visible one is based on application. The tools and techniques differ along with a difference in products used. But there are other aspects of differentiation too.

Makeup Application Tools

More precisely, airbrushing uses particular foundations misted finely with the help of a controlled air compressor gun. Unlike traditional foundation, an airbrush makeup foundation is thinner in consistency for a steady and soft mist spraying. The finished foundation look is light and provides total coverage too.

On the other hand, traditional makeup focuses on using brushes and beauty blenders. These pieces of equipment are more efficient when working with heavy foundations as they even out layers of products.

Makeup Products and Coverage

Generally, the formula used in traditional makeup is also different from airbrush makeup products. Airbrushing products need to be silicone, alcohol, or water-based and leave a light and natural feel.

Whereas traditional foundations and other products can differ in consistency to appear dewy, natural, heavy, etc. You can also try products with different textures, like powders, gels, creams, liquids, etc.


When it comes to the durability of the look, airbrushing wins the race over traditional makeup. Usually, airbrushed looks last up to 16 hours. Moreover, silicone-based airbrush makeup products are also water resistant and don’t smudge with sweat or tears.

Traditional makeup is not known to be as durable as airbrush makeup. They are also more susceptible to smudging or being washed away easily. Despite this, traditional makeup can also last all day if you use the right products. All that it takes is preparing your skin well and setting the makeup in the end.

Pros and Cons of Regular Makeup vs Airbrush Makeup

There are several aspects where an airbrush makeup look seems to take over a traditional makeup look. However, in some cases, the tables turn, and traditional makeup takes the lead.

 Here are some of the listed pros and cons of using airbrush makeup over regular ways.


  • Airbrush makeup application looks more flawless than a traditional application. It covers all areas more evenly than a beauty blender does.
  • Your airbrush makeup foundation is more long-lasting and durable than regular foundation. It is waterproof, sweat-proof, and weather-proof. Airbrush makeup stays set for longer and doesn’t require frequent re-application.
  • The spraying method allows for more coverage with less product.
  • Airbrushing can also be done in layers to add more coverage. It dries easily and can be easily layered on for a heavier finish.
  • Airbrush makeup products are light and good for sensitive skin. They do not clog pores as traditional makeup products do.
  • The spraying technique not only covers the face entirely, but it also takes less time!
  • The airbrush can be used for more than just foundation. It also works with blush, bronzer, contouring, eyeshadow, etc. This means you can even add more colours.


  • An airbrush makeup look can be flaky. The brushed product dries quickly, and if not applied rightly before drying, it can appear flaky.
  • As airbrushing dries sooner than traditional makeup, it can be hard to re-blend. You usually get one chance to get the perfect shade.
  • Airbrushing does not fully cover acne scars, blemishes, etc., as it provides light coverage. Traditional makeup is better in this case.
  • Airbrush makeup products are comparatively costlier and thus hard to re-stock too.
  • You need some prior expertise in airbrushing to achieve the perfect makeup look.

Setting it in

Regular Makeup vs Airbrush Makeup A Battle Between the Old and New (2)

When it comes to makeup, new products, ways, hacks, and techniques are inevitable. Amidst several discussions in the makeup industry, the focus at the moment is on regular makeup vs airbrush makeup. Airbrushing techniques are getting all the hype today and for good! Its natural and flawless results, alongside other benefits, are here to stay.

Many professional makeup artists are switching to airbrushing for big-occasion makeups, wedding-day looks, photoshoot-ready makeup, etc. Hence, the scope for hairstylists and makeup artists today is limitless.

As per the records of AmbitionBox, a professional makeup artist in India earns as high as INR 7 LPA. With the right direction from a Diploma in MakeUp and Hairstyle Artistry at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, you can begin your artistic journey today. Get yourself the right learning experience!