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Are your parents not able to decide whether to hang the intricate mandala painting or to hang the trendy typography painting on the eastern wall of the living room of their house? Your parents need an interior decorator to make such decisions for them. Interior decorating is the service in which the interior decorator decorates the interior of a house with the items

Interior décor essentials are all about aesthetics. It’s more than picking out a matching pair of curtains and lace cushion covers. Interior décor is about selecting colour schemes, appropriate furniture layouts and artistic pieces that complement the space. Interior décor is bringing an entirely new look to your existing space. Interior décor essentials and styling techniques are as personal and varied as your #Pinterest

Sustainable Exhibition 2018 | JEDIIANS Design Change at JDADA JD Institute of Fashion Technology believes in celebration of design and innovative- fruitful thinking which in turn serves as a right platform for the people who share a similar passion for design to tap their thinking and design skills to create something beautiful and beneficial. One of such celebrations of J.D being annual design awards. As