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sustainable exhibition 2018 - p2 - Sustainable Exhibition 2018 | JEDIIANS Design Change at JDADA

Sustainable Exhibition 2018 | JEDIIANS Design Change at JDADA

JD Institute of Fashion Technology believes in celebration of design and innovative- fruitful thinking which in turn serves as a right platform for the people who share a similar passion for design to tap their thinking and design skills to create something beautiful and beneficial. One of such celebrations of J.D being annual design awards. As a part of which an exhibition of artworks by the jewellery, interiors, photography department was held on June 1st and 2nd at Siddaratha Hall, Lalit Ashok, Bangalore.

Our students are aspiring to change the existing norms of negligence which have led to cause glitches with a fresh breeze of thoughts for the betterment of people and environment to invest in sustainable future with responsibility. Hence the theme for this year was changed. As responsible designer’s, students have taken the initiative to work on concepts which revolve around developing sustainable products to promote holistic living, sanitation, mental and physical health as a part of social sustainability and human values. Ecological sustainability is a topic of importance too, acknowledging that are the concepts emphasizing adaptability, growth and consistency to form a sustainable cycle.

An aspect if ever can be considered more than that of the reality is their memories, which physically attributes to that of the photographs subtly captured to build a canvas of lives. Unleashing creativity through the skill of portrayal and reflecting change through the concept and vision, our demiurgic learners were successful in emoting their ideas to bring in change in the very thought of certain social subjects such as gender fluidity, inequality, recognition of art, social stereotypes and other complex physiological subjects of self-acceptance, depression, struggle  etc. students have embarked on the journey to capture still life, nature, fashion and conceptual aspects of photography which was showcased in a two day digital display photography expo. To bring in the change in terms of interior design, our students who are perusing their interior designing courses have created products and spaces keeping ecological and social sustainability in mind which were showcased in an interior Design exhibition. The designs were a reflection of various problems which people and nature face, to counter that solutions were strategically thought and implemented in terms of space management, multi-functionality, sustainable materials, reusability and other sector oriented problems of the society for their well-being and convenience in terms of mental and physical health.

Confronting sustainable and ethical design thinking inspired by numerous possibilities for exploration, Jewelry designing course students of J.D presented exquisite pieces of artwork adorned with unique gemstones which were brought out of more precious concepts and thoughts brought to the life by excellent craftsmanship and unique design sensibilities. The pieces were aesthetically inspired by some of the rarest of traditional techniques, the beauty of nature and had functionality factors that bound to solve sizing problems, androgynous jewellery, cost-efficient interchangeable versatile pieces and much more.

The exhibition was witnessed and appreciated by the industry experts and the commoners who shared the passion for art and design in true senses.