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The world of design and tech come together to create UI and UX design. A UI UX designer, through UI and UX laws, holds power to create a digital world - where the entire humankind is present. This blog tells you what you need to know about how to become a UI UX designer. A UI UX Designer uses intensive user research to create

The world has almost entirely made the shift to a virtual modus operandi. Ordering shoes, food, and even cars are activities that can be done on dedicated websites and applications. That said, there is a popular statistic that emphasises the increasing focus on UX design essentials. The average person spends less than 15 seconds on a website. In those 15 seconds, the user

UX Design Principles are important and every aspiring UX Designer needs to keep the five key principles in mind. Following are the 5 Key UX Design Principles of User Experience Design Hierarchy The topmost of the UX Design Principles is the most important tools to help users navigate through the product seamlessly is hierarchy. It comprises of information architecture and graphic hierarchy. Information architecture