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UX Design Essentials A Comprehensive Guide thumbnail ux design essentials - UX Design Essentials A Comprehensive Guide thumbnail - UX Design Essentials: A Comprehensive Guide

The world has almost entirely made the shift to a virtual modus operandi. Ordering shoes, food, and even cars are activities that can be done on dedicated websites and applications. That said, there is a popular statistic that emphasises the increasing focus on UX design essentials. The average person spends less than 15 seconds on a website. In those 15 seconds, the user decides whether or not they wish to remain on the website. If they don’t, they exit the websites and go through their search results on Google for a better one.

Effectively, your calibre as a UX designer is decided in 15 seconds. Given that many businesses run on websites and apps, the job of a UX designer is not menial. That said, certain UX design principles apply to most projects. This blog, therefore, offers insight into these laws of UX. Keep reading for a glimpse of what the field of UX designing entails!

What is User Experience Design?

The first thing we need to ascertain is the meaning of “user experience.” The term is used to signify the complete experience of a user on a website until he achieves his ultimate goal. Therefore, the following steps would be an apt summary for a holistic user experience:

  • Finding the source of the service or website
  • Navigating through the user interface (UI) to find the pertinent service or product
  • Securing the answers to any doubts in the user’s mind
  • Completing the transaction to gain ownership over the product or service
  • Securing the delivery of the desired product or service

Apart from these, all allied aspects of the product purchased by the user, including the resolution of support issues, are also included in the user experience.

User experience design entails a comprehensive study on improving the user experience. However, to do that, the designer must imbibe certain UI UX design rules. In doing so, the designer moves one step closer to creating a flawless user experience. Below, you will find a comprehensive explanation of certain UX design fundamentals.

5 User Interface Golden Rules

User experience lies at the core of ensuring a customer’s or potential client’s satisfaction. Since the dawn of the digital age, designers and programmers have empirically studied user experience. The result of those studies gives rise to the following UX design basics.

● Diligent Focus on User-Centric UX

UX Design Essentials A Comprehensive Guide (4) ux design essentials - UX Design Essentials A Comprehensive Guide 4 - UX Design Essentials: A Comprehensive Guide

The very first step in creating a holistic UX is to place yourself in the shoes of the user. The goal is to create the simplest and most convenient experience for a user on your website.

This would also entail incorporating certain visual design principles in creating the UI itself. Therefore, before you even begin to write the code for the website, you must create an optimal flow of actions. Researching user behaviour and creating a document of intent can help strategise the UX design.

● Create a Seamless UI

15 seconds. That’s how much time you have to enthral the user before he decides he’s averse to your value proposition. Therefore, make no mistake, while the UI is only a small portion of the UX, it is crucial. Without compelling and crystal-clear user interface design principles, the user won’t have the opportunity to explore other aspects of the UX.

Now, this responsibility would rest heavily on a graphic designer. However, it is up to the UX designer to integrate functionality and aesthetic to create a seamless website. Making certain actions like customer support more accessible will be vital functionalities of any user interface. Incorporating motion graphics in a UI can also boost the appeal of a webpage or an application.

● Contingency-Based UX-Design Strategy

UX Design Essentials A Comprehensive Guide (1) ux design essentials - UX Design Essentials A Comprehensive Guide 1 - UX Design Essentials: A Comprehensive Guide

What we mean by a contingency-based UX design strategy is the prediction of any issue that may crop up in the use of the website. This, by no account, means you should offer the user a plethora of choices.

On the contrary, as the UX designer, it is up to you to provide the best possible mode of action. From thereon, every path the user chooses should lead him to the inevitable conclusion.

Naturally, this would entail understanding the product and giving pertinent solutions to the user as and when necessary!

● Enhance After-Sales Experience

Get rid of the mindset that your responsibility to the user is limited until the sale. A common principle in the marketing industry is that retaining a client is cheaper than onboarding a new one. To do that, you must enhance product and service support after the user has made a purchase.

As a UX designer, you can include functionalities allowing them to resolve issues conveniently. Therefore, leveraging automation and ML technology to create a resolution mechanism is essential to a positive after-sales experience. Moreover, if that mechanism does not work, the user must be able to connect with a support team.

Bear in mind that until the user is a client, every interaction with the website contributes to the UX. Therefore, it is the UX designer’s duty to ensure an optimised

● Integration of UX Components

UX Design Essentials A Comprehensive Guide (3) ux design essentials - UX Design Essentials A Comprehensive Guide 3 - UX Design Essentials: A Comprehensive Guide

A UX is typically the result of a collaboration of multiple components. For instance, the product display and exploration page is one components of the UX. The transaction portal is another component, and the after-sales support is yet another component. However, for a UX to be seamless for a user, it must be a holistic, integrated system.

Brad Frost talks about a methodology monikered the atomic design methodology. As per this, you must think of every component as the atom of an item. Each atom is crucial in forming the molecules that create the ultimate object. Look at every UX component as an atom and give it the same level of complexity and attention, Eventually, you will end up with a seamless UX.

Final Thoughts

UX design will continue to dominate the world, given that the future is digital. That said, studying UX design essentials becomes doubly important to create websites that perform. If you feel your true calling lies in the digital world but desire creativity, UX design is the perfect fit for you.

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