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The Rise Of Digital Jewelry digital jewelry - The Rise Of Digital Jewelry thumbnail - The Rise Of Digital Jewelry

We live in an age of innovation. As we develop, our surroundings also witness paradigm shifts. Technology has become an integral part of our lives and to stay in pace with it, the jewelry design domain is also seeing a paradigm sheet with more inclusion of digitalization. Digital jewelry is no more a dream and is going to be a part of our lives soon.

In today’s world, everything is going digital- from payments, art to fashion. In such a dynamic world why jewelry should be behind. To match up the pace and be hand in hand with the technology, the design industry is approaching digital jewelry pieces in an attractive way, bringing ergonomic designs that not only embraces and beautifies the human body but also solves the problems of today’s tech-driven beings.

Back in the 1300s when the first mechanical clock featured, no one had thought that with the right tools and innovative minds, they would become wearable pieces and a significant part of human lives. Similarly, the jewelry pieces are also going ahead with the same flow.

The existence of jewelry is ancient. Every excavation shows that jewelry has always been adored by human beings and they love decorating themselves with these art pieces. Moreover, as the culture takes a different shape, zonal wise, the structure and design of the jewelry also faces paradigm shift, making it an integral part of diversity depiction.

The Rise Of Digital Jewelry digital jewelry - The Rise Of Digital Jewelry 1 - The Rise Of Digital JewelryHuman lives have also experimented with the types and materials of jewelry. Be it curating pieces out of metal, wood or paper, the material for jewelry has also been an important part of the study. Many a time the structure and material of jewelry also depends on the availability of the resources in the area and hence, in some cultures the dominance of certain metals are found.

As we evolve and want everything ‘a tap away’ (Thanks to the gazillion apps and a smartphone), jewelry should aid this behavior and give the world what it needs. With the introduction of smartwatches, which also comes under the broad umbrella of accessories, our ease and intelligence has pushed us to introduce microphones, receivers, touch pad, display, circuit board, antenna, to name a few in our wearable pieces. The high-tech digital jewelry which we used to see in the James Bond or any espionage movies are no more just a dream. They have seeped into our reality and with every development becoming more and more accessible to the common man.

Digital jewelry is everyday becoming an integral part of our lives. Many brands are joining hands with top-tech companies to put the creative and tech mind together in jewelry pieces and the results of which are earrings, necklace, rings, braceletes embedded with chips and displays to assist your phone, laptop and smart home appliances.

To break it down, the functionality of digital earrings is to decorate your ears and act as a phone’s receiver. Just like your bluetooth earpods for which at times we spend bombs and yet not receive a very aesthetic look. It is the best of both worlds for many of those who want to go hands-free with their calls and also embrace the beautiful earrings.

The Rise Of Digital Jewelry digital jewelry - The Rise Of Digital Jewelry 2 - The Rise Of Digital JewelryA few tech companies are experimenting with their skills and trying to come up with rings that can control the smart home appliances as well as your smartphone. Imagine dimming the light, scrolling through the photos and what not just by playing with your rings.

Moreover, the necklaces that bring beauty to our dresses and us, are getting microphones fitted. These act as microphones for the users and help them to stay away from the shambles of handling and carrying a phone all the time in your hands.

Now, when we look at the developing world, our jewelry needs to meet our tech-advancements and since phones have become an integral part of our lives, the features of it getting on our jewelry would meet multiple needs of human beings.

The Rise Of Digital Jewelry digital jewelry - The Rise Of Digital Jewelry 2 - The Rise Of Digital JewelryThe days are not far away when we get our calorie or fitness counter in our anklets with many other functions that are yet unknown to humankind. Moreover, there are pendants that look like your usual jewelry piece but are incorporated with a screen where you can see the photos that are saved on your phone.

With the appearance of your conventional jewelry, digital or smart jewelry still has a long way to go. It needs arduous study and research along with high-tech equipment. But it is on the way. The design domain that rules the roost is curating an ecosystem of mixed reality where the digital world and real life will breathe together and in perfect harmony.

These are visionary moves which are met with great respect at JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bangalore. The design college welcomes the innovation and ideas that shape the future. As we are in the fifth era of electronic development, our gadgets will become smaller and become a more inclusive part of us along with being wearable digital jewelry pieces. To move in the right direction of growth and development, JD Institute helps its students to stay updated. Through the help of latest technologies, the college raises a digi-generation. With multiple course offerings in the jewelry design domain, the college drives the students towards newness while keeping some of the old school methods alive.