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Jewellery Designer Salary

A woman is incomplete without jewellery. Female of every age group has a strong fascination with jewellery. The taste and preferences of jewellery may be different for each individual. Some of you may like fashion jewellery, few may have a fascination for costume jewellery, and again a group may have a strong like towards contemporary jewellery items. But, did you ever realize from where these jewellery come? A jewellery designer plays a vital role over here. The expert hand makes the perfect design for all of your jewellery needs. Youngsters with the fascination for jewellery designing may take up this profession. The jewellery designer salary is lucrative.

Jewellery Designer Salary in India

One of the determinants of a successful career is a good salary. It is not possible to give the exact figure of the jewelry designer salary. There are many factors on which the salary depends.

  • A fresher can get at least the sum of 20-25k in a month. With experience, one can make it multiply.
  • According to one of the recent data, the average jewellery designer salary in India is Rs 3,00, 000 per annum for a fresher.
  • Apparently, the range of salary stays between Rs 1,44,000 – Rs 3,00,000 for a Junior assistant and Rs 3,50,000 – Rs 10,00,000+ per annum for senior designer. Along with it, the jewelry designer may also receive a sum as the bonus.

Salary Trend of Jewellery Designer for the Last Few Years (Junior)

The graph shows the data for the last 4 years, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.  The jewelry designer salary is shown in the vertical axis. There is a clear upward slope of the line as the increase in jewelry designer’s salary took place over the time.

jewellery designer - Picture1 - Jewellery Designer Salary, Jewelry CAD Designer Salary in India

Jewellery Designer’s Salary By City

There can be a remarkable difference between the jewellery designer’s salary working in each city. The reasons behind it are market demand, the standard of living and other socio-economic factors.

❖    Jewellery Designer’s Salary in Mumbai

The city of Mumbai has the maximum requirement of the jewellery designers. This is the city where the biggest film Industry of the nation exists.

  • Based on the recent data of some employers offer in Mumbai, the jewellery designer salary in Mumbai stays between 1,70,000- 4,00,000 per annum. This pay range is for those designers who have just completed their course and have joined as a fresher.
  • The higher bid of salary is for those with 3-5 years of senior-level experience and get avg. 4,50,000 -10,00,000+ salary per annum.

Jewellery Designer’s Salary in Delhi

The capital city of Delhi has big thought about the designing of jewellery. Naturally, many fresher and experienced people are needed with the hands-on jewellery designing solution.

  • The employers in Delhi pay the designers between the range of Rs 2,50,000 – Rs 3,60,000 PA for Junior assistant.
  • For senior-level designers, the salary range is between Rs 4,20,000 – Rs 9,00,000+ and with a bonus based on performance.

Jewellery Designer’s Salary in Kolkata

Kolkata is the city with employers ranging from very limited turnover till the richest in the nation. Thus, the range of salary has a big difference.

  • For example, an employer with very less turnover can offer as less as Rs 1, 50,000 pa.
  • But, a rich employer can offer as much as Rs 5,00,000 pa.

Jewellery Designer’s Salary in Bangalore

Companies in Bangalore offer a diverse range of jobs. The jewellery designer is also one of the promising professions within the city.

The pay package starts from Rs 3,00,000 pa. This can go up to 10 lakhs based on experience and policy of the company.

Jewellery Cad Designer Salary in India

Today, employers are much inclined towards the designer that makes use of a computer. One can also get an idea of Jewelry cad designer salary in India with little research.

  • The average CAD designer salary is Rs 3,00,000 pa.
  • The average range of salary of CAD is between Rs 1,80,000 – Rs 9,00,000
  • The CAD designer also is entitled to have the bonus. The range of the bonus ranges between Rs 1,050 – Rs 90,000+.

jewellery designer - Jewellery Designer Salary 1 - Jewellery Designer Salary, Jewelry CAD Designer Salary in India

Jewellery CAD Designer Salary By Company

As per the recent source, the salary can be fixed as per capacity and discretion of the company. Following is the list of jewellery designer salary range as per the company:

  • Rage communications for CAD designer – Rs 22,000 per month
  • Abhinav consultancy CAD designer- Rs 25,000 per month
  • Naice Jewel Pvt Ltd CAD designer – Rs 27,387 per month
  • Saitara placement CAD designer – Rs 32, 000 per month
  • Saiyash consultancy CAD designer – 78, 087 per month
  • Pigeon manpower CAD designer – Rs 92,000 per month

Freelance Jewellery Designer Salary

The art of jewellery designing is not restricted to getting a job and working under a single organization. There are many freelance designers who have their own jewellery designing setup. They have their own space to work and sale to not one but may clients. They are known as the freelance jewellery designer. These professionals have the freedom to work with several contractors or clients. Thus, the upper range of Freelance jewellery designer salary can touch up to Rs 1 lakh per month.

Pay Scale of Senior Jewelry Designer

There is a huge difference in the range of salary of junior level jewellery designer with that of senior designer. An individual with the experience of 3-4 years of experience in the field of jewellery designing can be between Rs 3,50,000 – Rs 6,00,000 pa (Avg.). This may vary from one organization to another. The senior jewellery designer salary is also quite lucrative. He or she should have good experience in the same field.

Scopes for Jewelry Designers

An individual willing to take up the career as a jewellery designer must know about the scopes of this profession. There was a time when the profession of jewellery designer was restricted to a few very highly skilled artisans. But, today the scopes have increased due to the demand for such jewellery in the market. The jewellery designing courses are conducted in many institutes today. From years, jewellery has been a status symbol of all. Even today people have the same opinion. This is where the scope for jewellery designers increases.


It is always good to get a fair pay package when you have completed your jewellery designing course. The institutes have a tie-up with well-known organizations. On campus, interviews can be conducted for speeding appointment. Even if you are freshers, it is a good time to prepare yourself for a salary hike in near future.