‘The Wedding Day’ showcased the impact of pandemic on fashion

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‘The Wedding Day’ showcased the impact of pandemic on fashion


The Wedding Dayfashion show for Fall Fashion Week organised by PSY Fashion in association with A7 entertainment was a bridal fashion show that happened on the evening of 3rd April 2021 at Sheraton Grand, Bengaluru. The show presented the work of six designers, out of which three of them Annapurna Goswami, Bhavana Kamisetti and Jagdish K. were alumni of JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bengaluru. As the theme of the event was bridal wear, the designers came up with new innovative ways of redefining what bridal means in the present time. As fashion is responsive to the condition of the present world, the collection that the designers conceived was a response to how Covid19 pandemic affected the wedding business and industry.

The Wedding Day’ showcased the impact of pandemic on fashion
Collection by Bhavana Kamisetti

The wedding industry in India is estimated to be around 458 billion rupees in its revenue, making it one of the most revenue generating industries in India. It supports various other fields as well, including fashion, jewellery, hair and makeup, photography and event management. As weddings in India are culturally significant with the coming together of communities and families that hold religious and social significance, the pandemic has restricted such communal gatherings, and made the public reconsider the significance of spending for weddings, as well as their attendance of such events. This reconsideration has definitely declined the demand for more extravagant clothing and attires, as well as the resources needed to set up a large-scale wedding, which is how most Indian marriages are celebrated.

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Collection by Asif Merchant

The designers who showed their collection at ‘The Wedding Day’ were given an opportunity to explore their creative ingenuity during the time of this crisis. They had the occasion to study how weddings are, and what they could and would be like in the future, and translate these into fashion as it is reflective of the current demands and requirements of individuals. The bridal wear showed the use of more casual fabrics and relaxed fitting and drapes which are elements that seem to have gained prominence during the pandemic. The designers explored how weddings which are of formal importance can be translated into events which support a more informal dialogue through the use of less-embellished garments and attires that support more movement. Ideas of destination weddings and bridal wear that support a relaxed yet celebratory look were conceived. Through bright as well as pastel colours, the designers experimented with bridal fashion as an occasion to celebrate the wedding day as an event that supports individuality and personality.

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Collection by Jagdish K.

The Wedding Dayfashion show was a testament to how bridal wear is evolving and its potential to accommodate change. Through the ingenuity of the designers who showcased their collection, it is evident that bridal wear is an occasion to celebrate heritage as well as to support the evolution of individual taste and preference by accommodating new ways of wedding attires. With the pandemic giving an opportunity to designers as well as the buyers to rethink the possibilities of bridal wear, it supports a new outlook into the future of the wedding industry as an entity that supports comfort and culture, as well as an one that is a participant and contributor to regional and global change.

The Wedding Day’ showcased the impact of pandemic on fashion