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Types of lighting in interior design

Types of lighting in a house vary according to the purpose of the lighting in each room. Lighting is an important element in the process of interior design. Lighting often gets underestimated by people who focus only on larger elements like furniture and painting.

Types of lighting in interior design

Types of lighting

While lighting depends on numerous factors including size and space of the room, colour of walls and ceiling, ceiling height and shape and of course, the client’s preferences. There are three types of lighting that are used in the interior of a house:

1. Low lighting: Also known as general lighting, it is the primary type of lighting that provides light to the interior of the house. There are different choices of low lighting to be incorporated during the interior design of a house.

Ceiling lights: Ceiling lights are the most commonly used lights for the house interior. Usually attached to a wall switch, ceiling lights provide low light and are wildly used.

Types of lighting in interior design
Types of lighting in interior design

Ceiling lights

Table lamps:  Table lamps are often used as an additional source of light in living rooms, study rooms and bedrooms. Table lamps are placed on tables and emit a cozy ambiance in the room.

Types of lighting in interior design
Types of lighting in interior design

Table lamps

Chandeliers: A source of light that provides both uplighting and downlighting, chandeliers throw out a dramatic mix in their fixtures.Types of lighting in interior design


2. Task lighting: As the name suggests, task lighting is used to give a specific space or object light. Task lighting is used for reading, working on a desk or cooking purposes. The different choices of task lighting are:

 Desk lamps: With work from home taking the high road, desk lamps are highly used at homes while working. They are also used for reading and writing purposes.

Pendant: Pendant lights are hanging lights that are generally used in kitchens and bathrooms. These lights hang from the ceiling and are suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod.

3. Accent lights: Accent lights are used when the purpose is to make an object or two the focal point in the room. These lights are used to highlight a particular artwork, specific areas in a room. Different types of accent lights include:

Wall scones: Wall scones are used as a perfect mood setter in the room. These lights provide additional lighting in dining rooms and bathrooms.

The types of lighting used differ from residential to commercial spaces based on the preferences of occupants, size and dimensions of the room, texture preferences and most importantly budget. Lighting is an important step in the process of interior design that interior designers take care of. JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers a 3-year B.Sc in Interior Design and Decoration program providing skilled interior design graduates to this dynamic field with their versatile teaching-learning methodology.

Types of lighting in interior design