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Types of tables for your home

Distinct types of tables are being used in the process of interior design. A home cannot function without at least one table. Tables form the fundamental structure creating a way for other elements in the house.Types of tables for your home

When it comes to furniture, the procedure for choosing one depends on several factors. Right from the material to its placement to its purpose, everything matters. Tables especially are a tricky item to choose from because of the abundance of choices there are. Each table serves different purposes based on the material they are made of, the size and shape and most importantly, the strength of the table.

In this blog, let’s take a look at some of the disparate types of tables you can choose to furnish your home:

1. Dining table: Dining tables are the primary style of tables found prominently in every household. Offering multiple choices in color, size and shape, dining rooms are where families come together to spend some quality time and discuss matters of daily importance as they munch on food.

Types of tables for your home

Dining table

2. Coffee table: Some families, instead of having their meals in dining rooms prefer to consume food in the  living room as they binge on their favorite show on the television. This is where your coffee table comes into the picture. Customarily placed in front of the couch, coffee tables are where newspapers, books and magazines are arranged for guests to use when they arrive.

Types of tables for your home

Coffee table

3. Drink table: Imagine having a glass of wine at the luxury of your home as you listen to your favorite music? A perfect moment like this requires a perfect table arrangement. A drink table is the flawless furniture item to go with for this. A drink table is a compact style of table usually placed beside a chair or sofa to arrange drink glasses and alcohol.

Types of tables for your home
Types of tables for your home

Drink table

4. Bedside table: Where do you keep your phone at night when you go to sleep in the bedroom? Now you are coming closer to our point.  A bedside table as the name suggests is positioned beside the bed in a bedroom. Also called nightstands, they are additionally used to place lamps and other items like books, glasses, etc.

Types of tables for your home

Bedside table

5. Foyer table: Ideally pressed to the wall, a foyer table is an occasional table that spruces up the place for convenience. Appearing in varying colors, a foyer table is generally smaller in size as opposed to other tables. This table can be used for both decorative and storage purposes.

Types of tables for your home

Foyer table

Types of tables chosen to furnish the interiors of a home are subjective to the individual and their preferences. Budget is an additional factor to consider when setting out to purchase tables. If you are an aspiring interior designer looking forward to study interior design, JD Institute of Fashion Technology is the place to go. This has been students’ most chosen destination to study interior design at the hands of qualified faculty and state-of-the-art technology. Check out the courses they offer here.

Types of tables for your home