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Student work - Tenzin Sonam’s ‘Nyima’s Bakery’

Virtual jury was conducted for evaluating the work of Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication 2020 batch students as part of their Term 2 evaluation via zoom. The design jury was facilitated by Ms. Niveditha V, the Program Coordinator of PGDFC. It was held for the nine students of the batch who presented their work as part of modules in Fashion Forecasting, Visual Merchandising, Graphic Design, Photography and the final Internal Term Project (ITP). The jury members included Ms Yaamini A (for Fashion Forecasting), Ms Monika S (For Visual Merchandising), Mr Sunil B V (for Photography) and Mr Aman Ansari (for Graphic Design). ITP was reviewed by all the jury members. Mr. Pramod Adhikari, the Chief Mentor also joined the jury session and gave feedback to the student’s work. 

The format followed for the jury included sharing of the behance link of the student’s module with their respective jury member before the jury so that they could evaluate their work and pose questions to the students at the time of the jury. During, students were asked to present their ITP work for 10 minutes, followed by a Q&A with the jury members.

Student work - Tenzin Sonam’s ‘Nyima’s Bakery’

Student work – Tenzin Sonam’s ‘Nyima’s Bakery’

The assignment for Graphic Design asked the students to define a user and to formulate solutions for a hypothetical brand, with which they were asked to create logo, visiting card, stationery and packaging, souvenirs and the website landing page. For Visual Merchandising, students had to show their understanding of various visual merchandising element used in the interior as well as the exterior of a fashion outlet. Along with this they had to develop an understanding of storytelling through various signals and fixtures used in a retail store, along with their hand as well as digital drawings. For Fashion Forecasting, students had to develop a Spring Summer 2021 Trend Report and for Photography they had to create black and white photography series that narrated various alphabets in nature.

Student work - Tenzin Sonam’s ‘Nyima’s Bakery’

Student work – Abimalaya ‘Coslin’

The virtual jury conducted as part of their PGDFC 2020 batch Term 2 project helped the students receive feedback on their work and also provided an occasion for them to interact with jury members regarding their creative process and practice. This format of jury presentation, although far from ideal, provided students and the jury members to embrace new ways of working in the new normal. The jury that showcased the work of the students in a video format due to its virtual nature enabled students to work with digital softwares, and showcased their ability to accommodate different approaches to creative working and design thinking. The jury that happened as a successful feedback and interactive session provided insight for students to improve upon in their upcoming second year. 

Student work - Tenzin Sonam’s ‘Nyima’s Bakery’

Student work – Kishan Gowda’s ‘Namma Fruits’

Virtual jury presenting the work of PGDFC 2020 batch students