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What Goes Into Mega Event Planning (4) mega event planning - What Goes Into Mega Event Planning 4 - What Goes Into Mega Event Planning

Mega event planning is an entirely different ballgame from regular event planning. Mega events demand a higher level of organization, coordination, and grit in event management.  They are complex and happen over multiple locations, often over several days. For instance, the FIFA World Cup is a mega event that happens every four years.

In this field, improving your skill set is crucial, but regarding mega event management, lacking proper skills can pose serious difficulties. Even though this sector took a hit during the pandemic, it’s springing back to life. Continue reading to get advice on how to handle typical event problems, how to overcome the mega event syndrome and tackling the effects of the mega event syndrome.

What is a Mega Event?

Are you wondering what is that one factor that makes it a mega event? Well, according to experts, it is the audience count that is the game changer.  These events need to surpass the 500,000 audience mark to be considered mega events. Most of the mega events are held annually, which are multinational, offer a wide range of planned activities, and draw attendees from all over the world.

The events are this large in scale, you should maintain an event planning checklist it should include the following:

  • Event goals
  • Roles and responsibilities of everyone
  • A large number of volunteers
  • Budget considerations
  • Location
  • Branding
  • Sponsorships and Partnerships
  • Guests
  • Promotion of the event

Benefits of Event Planning

It is never a good idea to hire local, inexperienced planners for major events. Yes, they might have a lesser fee compared to experts. But they will not have a well-established network of all merchants, which will reduce costs and organize a seamless event overall.  The benefits of hiring an expert event planner are:

  • It can save you money
  • Cover all the details
  • Concentrate on all the finer details
  • Plan the event in an organized manner
  • You remain stress-free on the day of the event

What Goes Into Planning a Mega Event?

An event’s scale is essentially what distinguishes it from a mega event. Compared to typical events, mega events are bigger. Ensuring that your event plan includes the essentials is crucial because it serves as the foundation for your entire event. The framework of your event plan can act as a guide for you while you make final preparations for the big day. It will also help you stay on course. If you are wondering what to consider when planning an event, look no further as we have gathered all the points below:

1. Design Icons

Mega events nowadays demand physical structures and infrastructures, and designing them is challenging. The mega events demand new stadiums, festival sites, and accommodations, just like it is done in an Olympic village.

   What Goes Into Mega Event Planning (2) mega event planning - What Goes Into Mega Event Planning 2 - What Goes Into Mega Event Planning

With buildings made following designs by renowned architects, the pavilions constitute a unique exhibition of architecture in and of themselves. Therefore, EXPO site design attempts to answer to these aspirational ideals, often in an overly literal way.

2. Master Plan

A master plan is a requirement when you are learning how to manage event planning. Creating a master plan when you are handling a mega event is essential as it will help you to keep track of things. It also becomes easier as it will help you coordinate with all other departments, such as venue, catering, logistics, etc.

3. Draw Up a Budget

Creating a budget enables you to plan things accordingly without going unrealistically over budget. Some items would not have fixed costs but you need to fix the ones that have a budget, such as a venue, catering, entertainment and marketing.

What Goes Into Mega Event Planning (1) mega event planning - What Goes Into Mega Event Planning 1 - What Goes Into Mega Event Planning

4. Organize a Team

Handling events needs a bus full of people. It is crucial to have a dedicated team who will look over various departments.

What Goes Into Mega Event Planning (3) mega event planning - What Goes Into Mega Event Planning 3 - What Goes Into Mega Event Planning

With you as the key manager, your team would be individual managers of their departments. You could divide departments as-

  • Venue Managers
  • Entertainment Managers
  • Publicity Managers
  • Volunteer Managers
  • Catering Managers
  • Marketing Managers

What is Mega Event Syndrome?

The word syndrome has been taken from medicine, which suggests a set of similar symptoms that occur in a lot of people. A lot of event planners, mega event planners, and managers have confirmed that they suffer from the mega event syndrome.  In a recent issue of the Journal of the American Planning Association, Müller, a geography scholar at the University of Zurich, identifies the symptoms of the syndrome as:

  • Overly promising opportunities
  • Underestimate costs
  • Puts the public at risk
  • Displaced urban money
  • Specialized treatment at the expense of locals

How to Manage these Problems at mega events?

Hosts and event-governing bodies are the two main actors in charge of carrying out these adjustments, and frequently both are required to collaborate for a change to be most effective.

  • Large-scale project development should not be tied to these events. Big expensive constructions should be made only if it is necessary.
  • Events like FIFA, UEFA, and IOC should bargain should look forward to risk-free income. Host cities should attempt ad getting concessions from governing bodies.
  • The hosts should keep in mind that public funds are not being used or the public does not have to compensate for the mega event cost overruns.
  • Gather expert advisors from each decision-making committee from the cities. Decision-makers from governments, organising committees and governing bodies.

Final Thoughts

Hope this read has quenched your query about how to plan an event. If you want to get into mega event planning, now is the best time to look for courses that will put you on the right track to professionalism. Check out JD Institute’s 3-year BBA Course in Event management. It is a lucrative career in India right now event managers’ salary ranges from 4 LPA to 10 LPA annually.